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Dream On
Level 73
Type Main quest
Location The Drom

Dream On is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Valetta needs me to bring her 3 pieces of inspiration belonging to The Brood of Seven so she can complete the poems Pyrrus ordered her to write about his adopted family, or else she will be fed to a monster.




  • Talk to Beuchamp, but don't fall asleep! If I start to feel drowsy, I should think of antlers.
  • It looks like Beuchamp is stuck in a dream. I need to look for something to do with antlers, to hopefully wake him.
  • Bring the Dream Poison back to Beuchamp.
  • Find Carvaggio and ask him to help you get to the Nanny's platform. Caravaggio should be on the third tier somewhere.
  • Defeat Nanny Bonegrinder. I should make sure to check and see if she drops something of note.
  • Bring the Whistle back to Cravaggio. I'll have to find my own way back to him.
  • Find the Leaden Lagoon, that hangs from the top of the Drom.
  • Find Abella and see if she has anything that used to belong to the Brood of Seven.
  • Search through the ranks of the sleepless dreamers, and see if you can find someone dreaming about hamburgers and waffles.
  • Bring the Waffle Burger dream back to Abella.
  • Find Belco on the third tier of the Drom.
  • Return to Olivet and buy two dreams for Belco.
  • Return to Belco, and give him the two dreams.
  • Return to Valetta, and give her the 3 objects belonging to the Brood of Seven.


  • 52 silver
  • 1,9m XP
  • Corkle Woods Key
  • Rare Wizard Belt (different depending on the played class)


This is a chain quest:

    • Find Beuchamp : C5 first floor , but he seems to be stuck in a dream and I need to find a way to wake him up. I remember that Valetta said something about 'antlers'.
    • Find Olivet, he wears antlers. ( (Accessible through teleporting or from telepad, 1 level down, and at F3 corner, 1 ledge jump down). He sells you a Dream Poison for 1 gold to help Beuchamp.
    • Back to Beuchamp and give him the potion. Now he talks sense, and he tells you that Lord Pyrrus was one of the orphans that Mallok took in and raised. Pyrrus felt nostalgic and brought his nanny here, but she keeps everyone under a spell. So I have no option but to kill her. He sends me to search for Caravaggio.
    • Find Caravaggio: G4, top floor. He can teleport you to the Nanny Bonegrinder.
    • Defeat Nanny Bonegrinder and she'll drop the Burga's Whistle.
    • Return to Caravaggio and give him the wistle. He tells you that Headmaster Rotburga was one of those seven orphans and that Abella knows more about the Brood of Seven. (you will keep the whistle, because it is one of the 3 pieces of inspiration that Valetta needs.
    • Find Abella (in the lagoon D4 - take the teleporter at the bottom floor) and ask her about the Brood of Seven. It seems she has another piece of inspiration for me but I have to do her a favor first. She gives you a Abella's Dream Catcher and I have to speak with some of the dreamers (see next bullet). I will need to find one that dreams about hamburgers and waffles.
    • Find the dreamer: priest char = B2 (just below he bounty: Banban Bunbun). Talk to him and he will give you his The Burger Waffle Dream.
    • Find Abella again and give her the The Burger Waffle Dream, in return she gives you the 2nd piece of inspiration needed for Valetta: Valuna's Scarf. She also tells you that Valuspa was one of the Brood of Seven. She also tells you where to find your last piece of inspiration.
    • Find Belco (topfloor D7/8), talk to him. Before he helps you, he wants a favor done: he wants better dreams.
    • Find Olivet again and buy 2 dreams, you'll get a Pack of Dreams, which costs 2 gold.
    • Return to Belco, give him his dreams, in return he'll give you Sarissa's Essay, which is the 3rd piece of inspiration for Valetta.
    • Return to Valetta and give her the 3 pieces of inspiration: Burga's Whistle, Valuspa's Scarf & Sarissa's Essay
  • This ends the quest.

Extra Info


Picking up quest

Valetta: "Does time 'ooze' or 'trickle,' do you suppose?"

You "In this eerie place? I'd go with 'ooze.' What are you doing, and why are you caged here?"

Valetta: "I am a brooding poetess, and these manacles are but symbolic props. They are a visual metaphor to express the sense of unending futility that eternally imprisons me."

You "You're making me drowsy. No, wait. What's going on? I really can't seem to keep my eyes open! Stop it, brooding poetess, whatever you're doing to me, please just stop it!"

Valetta: "It isn't me, I assure you. It is this place. When Lord Pyrrus chose to recreate his master's home, he sought authenticity. But realism always has consequences. And now I am doomed, for the Dark Slumber prevents me from penning the episodic poems Lord Pyrrus ordered me to write about Mallok and The Brood of Seven."

You "Mmm, that's nice. Do you mind if I curl up and take a nap over there?"

Valetta: "No, you must help me! If I don't complete the poems I shall be fed to Mutagen! You must rid the Drom of the Dark Slumber and fetch me some objects of inspiration so that I might be able to complete the poems Lord Pyrrus has ordered me to write about his family. Please, <player_name>, will you do this?"

You "Mmm. Sure."

Valetta: "But you must keep moving, or you'll fall asleep! Find Beuchamp[sic], he usually hangs around on the first tier. He will give you further details. But be careful! It is all too easy to become lost in one's dreams in so illusory a place as this. If ever you feel drowsy, think of antlers. Good luck, <player_name>!"

Talking to Beuchamp

Beuchamp: "You're the bravest hero in all the land, <player_name>. You're also the most gifted crafter of anyone in your village, and have more mats than anyone else. You should be ruler of Ardent. Being mayor or guild leader is too small time for you, <player_name>. You are greater than that!"

You "But... you don't even know me."

Beuchamp: "And I want gold! Lots of gold! Gold is yellow! Yellow, yellow, yellow! Let's do somersaults in a yellow sky! Can we? Can we please, Mommy?"

You "You are not making any sense..."

Beuchamp: "Of course, we can, darling. Just make sure you've milked all the pigs first."

You "Beuchamp? Can you hear me?"

Beuchamp: "Night Night time."

You "Bye."

Beuchamp: "So.. tired..."

Talking to Olivet

Olivet: "Care to buy a dream? Two for one today, half off! What a deal!"

You "No, no, no. I need something to get someone out of a dream! Do you have anything like that?"

Olivet: "Dream poison? You bet I do! But it's not on sale, and I don't do returns, and I am absolutely not responsible for any side effects you might experience after consuming my product. 1 gold piece please! Take it, or leave it."

1 You "Are you crazy? I'm not giving anything with the word 'poison' in it to someone to drink!"

Olivet: "Then get out of here, you are bad for business!"

2 You "Giving Beuchamp[sic] poison seems like a bad idea, but I think I'll have to risk it. Deal!"

Olivet: "Pleasure doing business with you!"

Giving Beuchamp the Dream Poison

Beuchamp : "And the wheels on the loom go round and round!"

You "Beuchamp, you are dreaming, I need you to drink this poison..."

Beuchamp : "Good afternoon, <player_name>. It's your rook to my pawn, I believe."

You "Are you still dreaming, do you think that are we actually playing a game of chess right now?"

Beuchamp : "You are awake, but happen to be in my dream at the moment, where we are indeed playing a game of chess. And I believe that's check mate, <player_name>."

You "Aargh, this is madness! Valetta said you could help me. I need to put an end to this whole bizarre 'Dark Slumber' thing! What is it, how do I stop it, and where can I find some inspiration about Mallok and The Brood of Seven so I can get the heck out of this nut house?"

Beuchamp : "There were seven orphans who lived with Mallok, and were raised by him. Pyrrus was one of those seven. The Stone Lord, being nostalgic for his old home with Mallok, has recreated that home. Valuing authenticity, Lord Pyrrus even went so far as to locate the same nanny who cared for them all those years ago, and has installed her here in The Drom. The 'Dark Slumber' was a favorite spell of hers, and one she used to keep her unruly charges in line with."

You "Are you kidding me with this? Pyrrus brought his old nanny here?"

Beuchamp : "Indeed, Nanny Bonegrinder. And because she currently has no young creatures to look after, she weaves her potent somnambulist spells upon all of us instead. <player_name>, you could defeat her! You could lift us all from this perpetual dream-like state we all exist in!"

You "That sounds like something I could do!"

Beuchamp : "Go and find Caravaggio. He knows the teleportation spell to the Nanny's platform. He also might be able to help you with the objects of inspiration you seek. Good luck, <player_name>."


Caravaggio: "Soft and squishy. Whee! Splashing in a tangerine sponge. Whee!"

You "WAKE UP, Caravaggio! You're dreaming, and now it's time to WAKE UP! Good, that's better. Beuchamp told me to find you. I need to get to Nanny Bonegrinder's platform. I also need to find some more inspiration concerning the Brood of Seven. Can you help me in either of these tasks?"

Caravaggio: "Perhaps we make a deal? Kill that blasted old hag, and then I'll help you in any way I can."

You "I'm on it! Hang in there Caravaggio."

Caravaggio: "Please hurry..."

You "You please hurry, you need to teleport me!"

Caravaggio: "I'm awake. I'm finally awake! You did it, <player_name>. The hag is gone!"

You "Caravaggio, what can you tell me about this whistle she dropped? It's 'Burga's Whistle."

Caravaggio: "Oh, I wouldn't blow on that if I were you. When the Nanny looked after the Brood of Seven, she liked to reward them with little toys and treats. She gave that whistle to her star pupil, a monster who exceeded all others academically. His name was Rotburga, and he used that whistle to torment the kitchen staff with. Its piercing sound drove them to madness. Literally. There was much aggression and dropping of plates."

You "Whoa! Back up! Are you telling me that Headmaster Rotburga, the evil Sindahl who took over the Wizard School, was one of the seven orphans raised by Mallok?"

Caravaggio: "Yes. But this was all long before my time, so I can't tell you much else. Talk to Abella. She was one of the maids back then, and would know more about The Brood of Seven. She is usually up top, in the Leaden Lagoon."

You "Thanks, Caravaggio. Later!"


Abella: "Oh, no, you don't. Not another step closer to me until every last speck of it is off you! Away. Away with you! Rinse, rinse, rinse."

You "I am guessing you are dreaming... so 'SPLASH SPLASH', I AM RINSING! Okay, all clean."

Abella: "Ahh, much better. Thank you for rinsing yourself off. I abhor dust."

You "No problem. Abella, I'm trying to learn more about The Brood of Seven, and I need two more pieces of inspiration belonging to any one of them. I heard that you used to be a maid in Mallok's home where the seven orphans grew up. Can you help me?"

Abella: "I'll have you know that I was much more than a maid! I was the personal handmaiden to a special young woman. It is my humble opinion that she was the finest of all the seven. Ah, such exquisite taste the young miss had. I've kept every last one of her scarves to remind me of her elegance. You may have one, provided that you do something for me first."

You "Knew there'd be a catch. Name it."

Abella: "Do you know of the dreamers? You may have seen them, they dream and yawn all the time..."

You "I have seen them, they are everywhere, poor souls."

Abella: "One of them is having a fantastic dream about hamburgers and waffles. I want that dream."

You "How does that work?"

Abella: "Take this dream catcher, and speak with some of the dreamers. If you can get one of them to start chatting with you, the dream catcher will catch their dream. It's pretty simple really."

You "On it! See you soon."

Abella: "Good luck."

You received Abella's Dream Catcher!

Dreamless Sleeper

Dreamless Sleeper: "Hold the pickles please..."

You "Are you dreaming?"

Dreamless Sleeper: "Yes, with strawberries and syrup. Please don't skimp on the syrup..."

You "You must be the one!"

Dreamless Sleeper: "One? No, I want at least two patties, maybe three. And don't forget to use buttermilk in the batter!"

You "If I just keep you talking, the dream catcher should absorb your dream..."

Dreamless Sleeper: "Absorb? More like devour! I am famished! Yes, now put it all in the blender, yes just like that!"

You "I hope this works!"

Dreamless Sleeper: "I hope this tastes like... wait, what was I dreaming about?"

You received The Burger Waffle Dream!


Abella: "Well? Do you have my hamburger waffle dream?"

You "I do have it."

Abella: "What a tasty dream! I cannot wait to try it."

You "Now may I please have the inspirational object you promised me?"

Abella: "Very well. This was one of Miss Valuspa's favorite scarves. It was such a lovely color on her."

You received Valuspa's Scarf! You lost 1x The Burger Waffle Dream. You lost 1x Abella's Dream Catcher.

You "Valuspa was one of the Seven! Of course! That actually makes perfect sense."

Abella: "You have met her?"

You "In a manner. But wait, I also met Valsora and Vala, the twin sisters. They said they were the handmaidens of Valuspa."

Abella: "You know Valsora and Vala too! What a coincidence? How are they all?"

You "Well, Valsora is doing okay. Valuspa and Vala, well... they are really good at respawning."

Abella: "I am unfamiliar with that term, what does it mean?"

You "Let's just say they are doing okay for themselves. But seriously, if those two were Valuspa's handmaidens, then who are you really?"

Abella: "Vala and Valsora were my proteges, after Lord Pyrrus asked me to aid him here in Pyrron, those two were scheduled to take over my duties. That was a fateful day, poor miss Valuspa. She took to wearing only black after Mallok was killed. It broke my heart to see her suffer so. Not that she ever spoke of her grief, mind you, for never was there a more steely young woman than Miss Valuspa! And so resourceful! Oh, dear, I find myself getting quite overcome with emotion thinking about her. Please go now."

You "So if Valuspa was one of The Brood of Seven, who were the others?"

Abella: "I'm far too emotional to speak any more about this! Try talking to Belco instead. He's a bit of a dullard, though. No imagination that one. Now please go!"

You "Okay. Thanks, Abella. Bye."

Abella: "Farewell."

[Talking to Abella again]

Abella: "This hamburger waffle dream is amazing!"


Belco: "I like the color beige. It's awfully nice."

You "Yes, it's an exciting color! Belco, Abella said you might be able to help me. Do you know where I could find any sort of relic or piece of information that used to belong to any of The Brood of Seven?"

Belco: "How come everyone else always has better dreams than I do? I never have any. I hear they're awfully nice. Maybe you could go get me some? Olivet is having a sale today. Dreams are two for one. I'd like to live on borrowed dreams for a while. I'll give you what you need, if you do."

You "So you do have something, and if I help you, you will give it to me?"

Belco: "That is what I said. You should use your ears better."

You "Okay, I'll fetch you some dreams."

Belco: "Thank you."


Olivet: "Sorry, friend. Just sold my last dream. Fresh out!"

You "Oh, come on! I REALLY need you to help me out here. Please? You must have a couple of dreams tucked away somewhere that I could have."

Olivet: "Well...I have some defective dreams, but I don't know who would want them. One is about a pile of rocks shaped like rolls, and the other is about some stones that roll."

You "Actually, those sound about perfect for the dreamer to be. How much?"

Olivet: "I probably couldn't unload them on anyone else honestly, so how about 2 gold?"

You "But that is full price!"

Olivet: "Supply and demand buddy. This is business 101."

You "All right, fine. 2 gold it is."

Olivet: "Thank you, and come again."

You received Pack of Dreams!

You lose 2 gold.

You "Bye."

Olivet: "Come back soon!"


"Do the dreams come in beige pots?"

You "No. But here you go, Belco. A pack of fresh dreams just for you! Now may I please have whatever it is that used to belong to one of The Brood of Seven?"

"Yes. I'm not good at reading Scythe, though. Maybe you'll have better luck with it. This is an essay written by Sarissa when she was young. It's called 'The Art of Deception.' I found it in a pile of old books."

You "I've never heard of Sarissa before. Who is she?"

"Ahem, she WAS a serpent creature, as in, she is not anymore. She was also a thief! Mallok's servants didn't like her much because she was always playing mean games and tricks on them. She was a wicked thing. But she's dead now. The Scythe were all killed in the Great Battle. So long, <player_name>! I am going to try out my dreams."

You received Sarissa's Essay!

You lost 1x Pack of Dreams.

You "Thanks. Have fun! Bye."


[Talking to Belco again]

"These dreams are wonderful!"


"I am engulfed in melancholy, and can write not a word."

You "Cheer up, brooding poetess! I have not only rid the Drom of the Dark Slumber, but I also have three objects which will inspire you to finish your poems about The Brood of Seven! Rotburga's Cursed Whistle. Valuspa's Scarf. And an essay on deception written by Sarissa."

"You have done remarkably well, <player_name>. My words will now flow, and I will not be fed to Mutagen in the Forbidden Tower. I thank you."

You lost 1x Valuspa's Scarf.

You lost 1x Sarissa's Essay.

You lost 1x Burga's Whistle.

[Quest complete]

You "I'm curious about Sarissa. Can you tell me more about her?"

"Petra's little friend Jaco knows more about the Scythe, than I do. Perhaps he can help you. They're somewhere around here. Now, farewell! I feel a metaphor coming on!"