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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Level 64
Type Main quest
Location Knockroe Village

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I am helping Scarticus aquire a toxin that can be used to poison the gargoyles Pyrrite Infusion. But first I have to find Marilla the brilliant Brindle, to do this I need to find her pet hell cat Enzo.




  • Find Marilla's Pet Hellcat.
  • Help Enzo so she will tell you where Marilla is.
  • Find Vita.
  • Help Vita so she will change Marilla back.
  • Speak with Marilla.
  • Return to Scarticus.


  • 44 silver
  • 96,3k XP
  • Uncommon Trinket


Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)


Picking up quest

You "You are welcome, Scarticus. What is next on the agenda, how else can I help the Brindles?"

Scarticus: "The news from the Front is distressing! The gargoyles continue to gain ground, and heal faster than they can be destroyed. We must sabotage their supply line."

You "Yeah, we must! What does that mean?"

Scarticus: "The gargoyles mend themselves by drinking a special concoction called Pyrrite Infusion, which is liquid Pyrrite. The Ministers of Transportation oversee its production in the Staging Chambers, where vast amounts are bottled, and then sent to gargoyle armies throughout the land. You must poison these shipments, <player_name>."

You "Sneaky. I like it! And where will I find this poison?"

Scarticus: "That's the quandary. Our brilliant alchemist, Marilla, has gone missing, and with her, so, too, has the recipe for the poison. You must find out what has happened to Marilla, and retrieve her book of recipes. Will you take on this assignment, soldier?"

You "Affirmative, Scarticus!"

Scarticus: "Marilla's pet Hellcat was spotted wandering around without his leash in the Apothecary. I suggest you start there."

You "Thanks. Bye!"

Scarticus: "Good luck, soldier!"

Talking to Enzo

Enzo: "I wish she'd come home."

1 You "Nice kitty cat, whose a nice kitty?"

Enzo: "*Enzo looks at you with disgust.*"

2 You "You can talk?"

Enzo: "Of course. My master mommy is a renowned alchemist. My voice is one of the first things she gave me as a kitten."

You "Enzo, do you know where Marilla is?"

Enzo: "The gargoyles came with their Ministry approved cookware, and she hid. Now she's gone. I wish she'd come home and feed me out of my regular dish."

You "Did the gargoyles take her?"

Enzo: "My regular dish is yellow, and Marilla painted pretty pictures on it for me. But the gargoyles took my dish away because it's not ministry approved. I miss my old dish. It was special, and it even had my name on it!"

You "Where are the gargoyles who took your special dish, Enzo?"

Enzo: "Here in the Copacopacary."

EnzoYou "Ah! I think you mean the Apothecary."

Enzo: "That's what I said. A big ugly thing named Captain Seone took my special dish. If you brought it back for me, I might be able to help you find Marilla."

You "Count on it! I'll get your special dish back for you, Enzo. See you soon!"

Enzo: "I miss my master mommy."

Talking to Vita

Vita: "Stone is might. Stone is power. Stone is eternal. We are the Gargoyles."

You "Oh, no! You've been infected by the evil tune!"

Vita: "I most certainly have not. I only say that to keep the gargoyles out of my business. And before you ask, the answer is no."

You "How do you know what I'm going to ask?"

Vita: "Because nosy strangers always seem to want to ask me questions about little Sapphira and little Sebastian, and I won't say a thing because I value my life."

You "Who's little Sebastian?"

Vita: "Pyrrus when he was a boy. It was his name before his sister died, and before Mallok took him in."

You "Oh, that is interesting. But right now, I need your help to find Marilla. She's turned into an oakworm and is possibly crawling around the Apothecary as we speak."

Vita: "Well, some brave hero needs to find her before she gets stepped on, don't you think? It's a good thing she lent me her recipe book!"

You "Marilla's recipe book? I need that book!"

Vita: "And I need 10 bands of Bileweed to make the recipe that will turn Marilla back into herself. The Mystic Golems that roam around here usually have some."

You "Okay, I'll fetch the Bileweed."

Vita: "Good luck."

After completing An Oakworm in a Haystack

Vita: "Well? Did you find my friend?"

You "I thought we needed to change Marilla back to a brindle?"

Vita: "In order for the powder to work and transform Marilla back, she has to actually be an oakworm, and not standing right next to me."

You "What? I don't understand... where is Marilla?"

Vita: "She is right next to me! I am Marilla's assistant, we always set up tests for new comers, we had to make sure you didn't work for Pyrrus."

You "That is understandable, I'll speak with Marilla now."

Vita: "Good work, <player_name>."

Talking to Vita again before talking to Marilla

Vita: "Well? Were you able to get The Mallok Scrolls?"

You "Not quite Vita."

Vita: "Well take your sweet time I suppose! Geez wiz!"

Talking to Marilla

<Vita's Assistant>: "I'm not plump! Vita could stand to lose a few pounds herself..."

You "Hi, Marilla! I was sent to find you by Scarticus."

<Vita's Assistant>: "You have done quite well, <player_name>, I am sorry for the deception, but having the skills I have means I am a high priority target for Pyrrus. But now that I know you, I'll set to work on the next batch of poison immediately. We'll give those gargoyles something to really gurgle! I'll send them ahead of you as soon as they are done, you should head back to Scarticus as soon as possible."

You "Okay. Bye!"

<Vita's Assistant>: "Good luck, <player_name>."

Talking to Scarticus

Scarticus: "You are indeed an asset to our BRA, soldier."

You "I live to support weighty causes. The bigger the better! I found Marilla, she has started brewing a new batch of poisons and said she will send them as soon as they are ready."

Scarticus: "Yes, of course, <Player Name>. I have already received them. But now the true test begins. You must infiltrate the Staging Chambers, Once inside, locate the 8 different barrels of Pyrrite Infusion to be sent out to the gargoyles on the Front, and poison each barrel with a vial of Marilla's deadly toxin. But I must warn you."

[Continued on Operation Garg-Gurgle]