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Delivering a Crushing Blow
Level 35
Type Main quest
Location Withering Woodland

Delivering a Crushing Blow is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Mercer told me that the Black Thrush are transporting Nadia to a distant region, where their leader awaits her arrival. JM wants to kill Nadia himself, personally. This is all so horrible! And now I must tell Lady Philippa the awful news. She's in her chambers in Ardent Castle.




  • Speak with Nobleleaf in the Withering Woodlands, and thank him for his bravery.
  • Return to Ardent Castle and inform Lady Philippa of Samuel, Nadia, and the betrayer.
  • Speak with Mercer, the betrayer, in the Withering Woodlands.
  • Talk to Nobleleaf and thank him for his help.
  • Return to Ardent Castle and inform Lady Philippa of Samuel, Nadia, and the betrayer.


  • 20 silver
  • 145k XP
  • Epic Mace (different depending on the played class)


  • Coleman says you should talk to Nobleleaf.
  • Return to the Ardent Castle and inform Lady Philippa of all what has happened. She's in her chambers at G5.
  • She talks about King Leo not being himself and that she sent word to Macaria, her secret half-sister.
  • This ends the quest. Later update will follow.
    • AT THIS POINT: The main quest ENDS. Later when one is level 52-53 the main quest can be picked up again in Sapphira's Lament


Nobleleaf: "If only I could have stopped them. Oh, <Player Name>. I'm so sorry. I failed. There were so many of them, those Black Thrush. They surrounded the child. I tried to stop them, but... could not. She was so courageous, that little Nadia. Such a ferocious fight she put up! Oh, if only I could have done more..."

You "This is not your fault, Nobleleaf. We all owe you our thanks for fighting so hard to protect her."

Nobleleaf: "I pledge myself here and now that I'll not rest till I've found little Nadia!"

You "Then I think we will likely be meeting again, Nobleleaf. For, I, too, pledge the same."

Nobleleaf: "Goodbye, <Player Name>. and Good luck!"

Lady Philippa: "Ah, the great hero has arrived at last to our fair castle. We are forever indebted to you for uncovering the plot about the bomb, and defeating the beast, Scamander! My people have dismantled the bomb, and incinerated the pieces. You are a true hero!"

You "Lady Philippa, I'm afraid that I am not."

Philippa: "<Player Name>? What are you on about?"

You "[Tell her everything.]"

Philippa: "Oh, Sweet Celestia. Samuel murdered. And Nadia taken! This is devastating. But you are not to blame, <Player Name>. I remember Mercer well, and was fond of him. I would have acted as you did. He was part of our royal family. He adored Fiona, or so we all believed. Lies. All lies! He deceived us all!"

You "And now I suppose we must tell King Leo this tragic news."

Philippa: "No! We cannot do that. <Player Name>, I think I must now reveal a secret to you, one I've been trying to keep contained. My brother is no longer right in the mind. When he first learned that the Black Thrush had resurfaced, he slipped into a dark madness that he has yet to wake from."

You "Oh, no!"

Philippa: "He is quite unfit to rule, but it mustn't be known! Our citizens, in this time of terror, need to believe in the strength and surety of their king, or there will truly be chaos. So I've done something rather drastic. I've sent for a person who dwells in Thorncrest, who I believe can help lead us. She's barbaric and rugged, but savvy. Her name is Macaria. She is my secret half-sister. King Leo's, too."

You "Oh! A secret half-sister!"

Philippa: "We await her arrival. And when Macaria learns that the Black Thrush have taken her niece, there will be no end to the wrathful vengeance she will unleash upon them all. Macaria is exactly what this realm needs right now. She will give you your next directive, <Player Name>. You must wait until then. Check back with me soon."

You "Yes, of course."

Philippa: "Thank you for everything, <Player Name>. The realm is indebted to you."

Gained 145k experience!

You "Farewell, Philippa."

Philippa: "Farewell, sweet <Player Name>."