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Defusing the Feud - Part Two
Level 79
Type Main quest
Location Bevyn's Coille

Defusing the Feud - Part Two is a very long quest in Villagers & Heroes that involves completing quests by Catriona, and Argus in Copse of the Treants, then travelling to Maldwyn's Tomb, before returning to Bevyn's Coille to complete the quest.




  • Talk to the chaperone named Catriona in the Treant School.
  • Finish the quests that Catriona asks you to do.
  • Find and speak with Angharad at the Celesital Pool.
  • Give Angharad 10 gold.
  • Find Argus, Leader of the Treants, and speak with him.
  • Do what Argus says, and prove myself to him. Complete his quest 'The Trust of the Treants'.
  • Find Maldwyn, the one who plays ballads for the wretched.
  • Kill Timca Angioletta, and collect the Spade of Bones handle.
  • Kill Rigorra Angioletta, and collect the Spade of Bones shaft.
  • Kill Mesmot Angioletta, and collect the Spade of Bones blade.
  • Bring the spade parts back to Maldwyn.
  • Head to Bevyn's Coille and get the spade to dig up what was buried. I will have to search for it, but is should be close to Kern since he saw Dionte bury it.
  • Return to the Copse of the Treant and speak with Lovisa.
  • Speak with Halvor to gain access to the storage room.
  • Search the storage room and try to find the book 'The Study of Serpentine Curses'.
  • Return to Lovisa with 'The Study of Serpentine Curses'.
  • Add the spices to the Bog Larvae to create the Serpentine Potion.
  • Drink the Serpentine Potion.
  • Speak with Marigold.
  • Head to where Marigold is hidden from sight, with her tears in your inventory.
  • Speak with Argus, and tell him his daughter is saved.
  • Return to Bevyn's Coille and tell Dionte the good news.
  • Meet Dionte in Lampkin Village.


  • 58 silver
  • 4m XP
  • Rare Wizzard Gloves (different depending on the played class)

You also receive, from Dionte:

  • 2 Long Elixir of Nurturing (tradeable)
  • 2 Elixir of Creation (tradeable)
  • 1 Idol of Zoria


Bog Slug Larvae location

  • Return to the Copse to Lovisa, he says talk to Halvor (standing next to him) to gain access to the storage room.
    • Search the storage room and try to find the book ‘The Study of Serpentine Curses.’ You're looking for lootable chests that look like small crates, labled "Storage Crate" (at 5 -7211 behind a bookcase)
  • Return to Lovisa with that book. She will give you a Lovisa's Glass Vial and some Bog Spice Mixture.
  • Add the spices to the Bog Larvae to create the Serpentine potion: Glixxen Slug Concoction. (double click on the spices).
  • Drink the serpentine potion = Glixxen Slug Concoction.
  • When you drink the concoction you will be warped to Marigold, speak to her. She'll give you her Marigold's Tears.
  • Head to where Marigold is hidden from sight, with her tears in your inventory, which means be close to Argus. 8 -36 178 and she'll show up.

Marigold rescued.jpg

Completed Journal Entry

I’m still working on fulfilling my promise to Dionte, who is being punished in The Mire of Shame for doing something terrible to the Treants. The Spriggans and Treants are at war because of it and Dionte has absolutely no memory of what it was that he did. If I solve this mystery, and put an end to the war, Dionte will tell me of another way to reach Sunkentooth Marsh. I need to pick up where my investigation left off. The Statue named Kern told me that after Dionte buried something with the Spade of Bones, he was next headed to see Treant girl with the name of a flower, and that he was worried about her chaperone, Catriona. I need to talk to his chaperone in the Treant School.

I talked to Catriona. She says that Dionte wanted to distract her from watching over a Treant girl named Marigold. So he gave Catriona a purple bonnet with an evil spell on it, which makes all of her thoughts scattered and jumbled. And even though Catriona got rid of the bonnet, the spell still persists! If I want to get to the bottom of this whole mystery, I should help Catriona, and do what she asks. I will learn some valuable information from her about Dionte if I do.

I destroyed the evil bonnet. Catriona said that Marigold's father, Argus, had wanted an eye kept on his daughter because Marigold had been acting odd lately. Her flighty behavior sounded an awful lot like that of someone in love. Catriona said that Marigold was in love with Dionte, and that Dionte had confessed his love for Marigold to Catriona. But Catriona refused to give the couple their privacy. And that is when Dionte gave Catriona the evil bonnet. Catriona doesn't know what happened after that because the bonnet caused her thoughts to become scattered. But if I can locate these lost thoughts of hers, they will reveal what happened next.

I found Catriona's scattered thoughts and learned that Dionte and Marigold were planning to elope. Interestingly, Dionte wanted Marigold to steal an object from her father called The Bronze Vine, which was said to have once been owned by Mallok. Dionte told her it would bring them a fortune. Marigold was going to give The Bronze Vine to Dionte in The Celestial Pool, and then the two of them would elope from there. Catriona says that a nymph named Angharad likes to bathe in that pool. Maybe she saw Dionte and Marigold there.

I talked to Angharad. He says he saw Dionte and Marigold, and that something terrible happened! Something so awful that Angharad doesn't want to think about it. But if I pay him 5 gold, he might be willing to relay the horrendous events he witnessed that night.

I paid Angharad, and learned some shocking info! Dionte never had any attention[sic] of eloping with Marigold, and was only using her as a means to get The Bronze Vine! He pretended to love her. As soon as she gave him The Bronze Vine, he became cruel and said terrible things to her. Marigold was devastated, and wept, and wept. Then she furiously struck him. That was when Angharad heard a sinister whispering voice telling Dionte to cast some sort of spell upon Marigold. Then suddenly there were snakes everywhere, and poor Marigold was gone! Angharad said I should talk to Marigold's anguished father, Argus, because he knows what the spell was.

I talked to Marigold's father, Argus. He doesn't trust 'Flesh Chops' like me , and won't discuss his daughter with me unless I prove that my intentions are good.

I poroved myself to Argus. He told me that the spell cast upon Marigold is a Serpentine Imprisoning Curse. She is incarcerated somewhere right in front of our very eyes, but the evil spell conceals her. Argus said there is only one ingredient which can break the spell, but that Dionte refuses to hand it over, and so this war between Treants and Spriggans will continue until Marigold has been safely returned. The rare ingredient needed is Glixxen Bog Slug Larvae! I have a feeling that's what Dionte buried! I asked Argus about The Spade of Bones since I can't dig up the larvae without it. He said a creature named Maldwyn owns it, and lives in Maldwyn's Tomb. Argus has begged me to break the spell which imprisons his daughter.

I have entered Maldwyn's Tomb. I now need to find Maldwyn.

I spoke with Maldwyn. He says that the Spade of Bones was destroyed and is now being kept in parts by the Angioletta clan. I'll need to retrieve all three parts.

I now have the blade for the Spade of Bones.

I now have the shaft for the Spade of Bones.

I now have the handle for the Spade of Bones.

Maldwyn reforged the Spade of Bones for me. He says that it will help me find what is buried in Bevyn's Coille.

I used the spade and found what Dionte buried. It was this gross Glixxen Bog Slug Larvae. Argus suggested I speak with Lovisa next, so that is where I will go. If I drop the larvae, I should check with Kern and see if he has seen it.

I found Lovisa. Sadly she didn't know as much as Argus throught she would. She said the information I need has been removed from Treant teachings, however she pointed me to and old storage room that may have the answers I need.

Halvor graciously teleported me to his storage room.

That place was a cluttered mess but I actually found what I was looking for. I should show it to Lovisa.

Lovisa was able to read the ancient language. Sadly however, it instructs me to mix up and consume the Glixxen Bog Slug Larvae.

I have mixed the spices on the Glixxen Bog Larvae, I now just need to consume it.

I consumed the Serpentine Potion. I was whisked away to the nightmare of Marigold!

Marigold is quite eager to be free of this nightmare. I collected her tears. I now need to go back to where she is trapped in the real world and I need to have her tears with me.

It worked! I have freed Marigold, and she is now home safe and sound! I should speak with Argus.

I have put and end to the war between Treants and Spriggans! Evil Slarissa, one of Mallok's Brood of Seven, and the same creature who snatched the Shard of Henosis and left me a taunting note to find her in Sunkentooth Marsh, was responsible for everthing here! The serpent woman put a dark spell on Dionte, on ewhich made him completely under her control. Dionte is innocent, and was not responsible for the terrible things he did. Slarissa only wanted to get The Bronze Vine, and unfortunately she succeeded. But at least the feud here is over, and Dionte will hopefully no longer be shunned.

I told Dionte everythign I had learned, and that peace has now been restored. He is happy! Dionte will show me something that is related to the alternate route to get to Sunkentooth, he will meet me in Lampkin Village.

I met Dionte where he said. He told me there is a land known as The Crux, where an unusual insect species reside, and are ruled over by Zoria, Queen of the Hive. Zoria was born in Sunkentooth Marsh. Many decades ago, she asked a Lich Sea Captain named Theobald for passage on his ghostly ship, The Scaldrum, and left Sunkentooth on it to found a new hive in The Crux. I need passage on this ghostly ship, for it alone knows the secret route to Sunkentooth through The Blighted Isles, and can take me there! And only Zoria, Queen of the Hive, knows where The Scaldrum is harbored. So it is to The Crux that now I should go. Dionte gave me a small wooden insect idol, and said it would aid me in the strange land. He also said to keep an eye out for an elusive ferryman named Egil, who has been known to help travelers reach The Crux.


When looking for the book in Halvor's storage room, each of the other storage crates gives you a different junk item, each worth 1 copper. Items aren't quest items and are tradable.

  • Framed Essay You can't even make out the name of the paper or the author, it looks old.
  • History of Treants, Past and Present Really small font and lots of pages...
  • The Muddy Falls, A Critique Interesting read, short.
  • Why Treants Are Wood This looks like a student essay.
  • 50 Reasons Why It is Best Treants Don't Have Flesh Niche writing for sure.



(Continued from The Trust of the Treants

You "Yes. And I do wish you would all stop calling me that. Now please tell me the spell that was cast on Marigold."

"Very well. That contemptible little Spriggan, Dionte, not only broke her heart and deceived her into stealing The Bronze Vine from me, but then he cast that insidious spell upon her, the Serpentine Imprisoning Curse! My poor daughter is incarcerated somewhere, likely in front of our very eyes, but the powerful spell conceals her! Dionte is the only one who has the special ingredient that will break the curse, and he refuses to hand it over!"

You "What is the special ingredient? And Argus, I feel I should tell you that Dionte has absolutely no memory of having done any of this."

"Bah! So he says! All I know is that this war with the Spriggans will continue until my daughter has been returned safe and sound! So he'd better hand over the Glixxen Bog Slug Larvae which will release her!"

You "Bog Slug Larvae! THAT'S what Dionte must have buried! Argus, I think I might be able to get your daughter back, but I need to get a hold of The Spade of Bones in order to do it. Do you know of a place where music echoes, and a creature with a flute who plays ballads for the wretched?"

"Why, yes. That's Maldwyn, the Undead Piper. He lives in the tomb to the north that has coincidentally been named after him. Not many venture in there for the dangers within, we had to lock it and Maldwyn away decades ago to keep the undead from crawling out into our forest."

You "May I have access? I must speak with Maldwyn."

"I have a key, yes, you may have it. Do you know what you will do if you manage to get the spade of bones and find the Bog Slug larvae?"

You "I haven't thought that far ahead, no sorry."

"I do, especially since it is at the sake of my daughter. Once you have the larvae, speak to an old treant teacher named Lovisa. She teaches Curse Breaking here at the school, and it was she who knew instantly the spell that had been cast upon my daughter when I described it to her."

You received Maldwyn's Key!

You "I will!"

"Good luck!"

Bug Argus again for no reason

"How goes your quest, <player_name>? Are you any closer to finding my daughter?"

You "Still working on everything."

"Speed be with you!"