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Defusing The Feud Part One
Level 75
Type Main quest
Location Bevyn's Coille

Defusing The Feud Part One is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I talked to the Spriggan named Dionte, who is being punished in The Mire of Shame for doing something terrible to the Treants, who are now at war with the Spriggans because of it. He will tell me another way to reach Sunkentooth Marsh, which involes a place called the Blighted Isles. He also wants a progress report, so I should return to him after I have learned three significant things regarding his activities.




  • Find and speak with Fussy Carlotta.
  • Do Carlotta's task, Grin and Bear It.


  • 54 silver
  • 1,8m XP
  • Rare Priest Scepter (different depending on the played class)


  • Fussy Carlotta is standing inside her tent at E6, but she gets annoyed with you and doesn't want to talk with you anymore unless you give eat a Patience Porridge. This will begin Grin And Bear It.
  • Finish the quest Grin And Bear It and return to Fussy Carlotta and speak with her again, after you consumed the Patience Porridge and she'll tell you to find Rasmus.
  • Rasmus is north in the Dunes of the Dead (E4), standing outside his tent (with a birch next to it).
  • Rasmus has troubles staying at one place and wants you to solve his rootlessness' problem and so he gives you the next quest: Dune Drifter.
  • Finish the quest: Dune Drifter and return to Rasmus and he'll tell you to talk with a statue named Kern (B2/3), but you should offer him some snacks before talking to him, so you get next quest: Statue Snacks.
  • Finish the quest Statue Snacks and talk to Kern.
  • Kern tells you to go to the entrance of the Treant Wetlands.
  • Run to the portal to The Copse of the Treants (C1) and talk to Gynt (stands at the entrance).
  • He'll tell you that you need a key to enter the area but that Rafi the key vendor has taken a stress-related leave of absence.
  • Return to Dionte in the Mire of Shame (D8) and tell him all that you have learned.
  • Dionte will tell you to go to the Lampkin Village (E2) and talk to Lidinia because you need to build up trust with the Spriggans.
  • Talk to Lidinia and she'll tell you that there is a lot to be done in the Village whilst you wait for Rafi to return and gives you the following quest: Get Well Rafi.
  • At this point you'll receive your reward for finishing the quest: Defusing the Feud Part One