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Death of a Dragon
Level 95
Type Repeatable quest
Location Blight Bay

Death of a Dragon is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Warwick has asked me to retrieve the skull of a Blood Dragon, which has recently died somewhere in Bloodstone.


  • None



  • Find a Blood Dragon Skull. Warwick says that I should be able to find the corpse of a Blood Dragon somewhere in Bloodstone.
  • Return to Warwick Wright.


  • 18 silver
  • 532,5k XP
  • 15 Bloodstone Medallion


Spoilers here!
    • at B1/2 (loc -682 800 86)
    • at B3 (loc -657 388 91) (south of Dorian Shade)
    • at B4 (above Rahul Hartwell)
    • at B5 (loc -816 -161 55)
    • at B6/7 (loc -614 -569 51) (close to Zakira Marlowe)
    • at D2/3 (South of Darrick Cromwell)
    • at D4/5 (loc -196 -38 55) (close to Griselda)
    • at E3/4 (close to Brandyn Blackwood)
    • at E6/7 (loc 16 -540 93)
    • at G3 (left from the teak tree)
    • at G5 (north of Anton Grimbite)

Death dragon quest.png


Warwick Wright : "Ah... yes... it has happened! Will you aid?"

You "Yes, I can help."

Warwick Wright: "Unbeknownst to many, a large brood of Blood Dragons dwell in the heavens above Bloodstone. However on occasion, one of their brood dies, and its body falls to the forest floor. My divination has revealed that one has just perished, and so you must make haste and bring me its skull!"