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Daily Medicine
Level 10
Type Repeatable quest
Location Ardent City

Daily Medicine is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Cyprian claims his wife won't let him eat and drink some of his favorite things. He will reward me every day I bring him his vice.


  • None



  • Buy a loaf of Wheat Bread from a vendor.
  • Bring Cyprian his daily medicine.


  • 1 silver
  • 2000 XP
  • Enabler (speed reward)


  • Every day a different kind of food or beverage can be asked.
    • Wheat Bread from the Food Vendor 20 copper.
    • Raspberry Pinot from the Food Vendor for 50 silver.
    • Mead from the Food Vendor for 1 silver.
    • Huckleberry Pie from the Food Vendor for 5 silver
  • Return to Cyprian with the requested item to receive your reward. !!! The speed reward is immediately = run speed while not in combat is increased with 10% and will last for 5 minutes.


Cyprian: "Psst! Got a second?"

You "What is it?"

Cyprian: "I want some carbs but my wife won't let me have any Wheat Bread. Please! Please bring me some!"

You paid 20 copper for Wheat Bread.

Cyprian: "What say you friend?"

You "I say... here some Wheat Bread."

Cyprian: "Yes! Thank you. Mmm mmm, oh that's so good!"

Gained 2000 experience!

You "Farewell."

Cyprian: "Good tidings."