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Crystal Crack-Up
Level 72
Type Main quest
Location The Crystal Spire

Crystal Crack-Up is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Bergeron wants me to find out where the crystals in the Spires originally came from, and why Pyrrus is farming them.




  • Talk to Madam Larchwood in Crashing Creek Mining Camp.
  • [Missing: kill Coco]
  • Talk to a shy ghost named Igby somewhere in the Red Plane. I can ask him what Pyrrus is using the magic from the harvested crystals for.
  • Find Uta the troll, and ask her if she knows where to get the Anti-Laughing Serum.
  • Kill Ralaly Coalgrit and collect whatever special ingredient he carries.
  • Bring the zombie brain to Uta.
  • Collect 3 Crimson Ghost Essences from Crimson Wraiths.
  • Collect 3 Perse Ghost Essences from Perse Wraiths.
  • Bring all six of the essences back to Uta.
  • Bring the Anti-Laughing serum to Igby.
  • Find Plutarch and give him the Apraquat Quiche to butter him up.
  • Find the Seamstress. She is somewhere in the Purple Plane.
  • Find the nursery at the top of the Spire.
  • Drink Plutarch's Magic Potion.
  • Open the chest in the nursery and retrieve what is inside.
  • Return to the Seamstress.
  • Interact with the Seamstress' statue.
  • Speak with Ibsen in the Crystal Sanctuary.
  • I should return to Bergeron, and tell him everything that I have learned.


  • 51 silver
  • 2,4m XP
  • Key to the Drom
  • Rare Wizard Headwear (different depending on the played class)


This is a chainquest:

    • Find Madam Larchwood H6 and ask her about the history of the strange crystals that are being mind in The Crystal Spire. She wants you to kill her rival in love: Coco and bring proof of her death.
    • Kill Coco (G7) and obtain Coco's 'Ruby' 'Bracelet'.
    • Return to Madam Larchwood and give her the bracelet; She tells you that Lord Pyrrus killed the Crystal Lady and is now farming her crystals here and she sends you off to find Igby, who could tell you more.
    • Talk to Igby (D6/7) who writes everything he sees in his little book. But before he tells you all what he knows, he wants you to do a favor for him. The people around here are dying from giggling and he wants a serum to stop that. So he wants me to find Uta the troll.
    • Find Uta (C6) and ask her about the serum that Igby mentioned. She wants you to get the special ingredients she lacks.
    • Kill Ralaly Coalgrit and obtain his A Prime Zombie Brain .
    • Return to Uta (C6) and give her the brains. Now she needs more ingredients.
    • Get 3 Crimson Wraith Essence and 3 Perse Wraith Essence from the respective wraiths.
    • Return to Uta and give her the 6 essences. She instantly makes a few thousands serums and gives you a few to give to Igby: Anti-Laughing Serum
    • Go to Igby (D6/7) and give him the serum. So now he tells you the story about Lord Pyrrus: he farms the crystals here because he needs their powerful magic to keep bringing his stone statues to left, which how his armies get made. He also tells you about a nursery somewhere in the Spire. He wants me to find out more about that nursery and he gives me Apriquat Quiche for Plutarch]who certainly knows more about this.
    • Talk to Plutarch and give him the pie in exchange for info about the nursery. He gave me a vial: Voitod 33S and says to find The Seemstress.
    • Talk to The Seemstress (at landing pad), she tells me that I need to find the babies (crystal seedlings) in the nursery. But they are invisible, actually she says I have the Voitod 33S which reads upside down: See Potion. She takes yours and gives you one with the correct name: Crystal 'See Potion'
    • Go to the nursery (top of the spire= D5), the stone building - kill the guardians there or pass them without being seen.
    • Inside the nursery: drink the Crystal 'See Potion' and open the chest which is in the NE side of the stone building. Take the The Crystal Seedlings out of the chest.
    • Return to The Seemstress and talk to her, she will now grant you access to the hidden chamber. Use the teleporter: Petulna to get inside that chamber. In there the Seemstress wants you to talk to Ibsen and give him The Crystal Seedlings so he can reunite them with their mother the Crystal Lady.
    • Return to Bergeron (F1/2) and tell him everything you learned.

Extra Info

  • This quest can only be done if you have done the quest in Keppel Cavern, given by Lapoose: Till Death Do Us Part.
  • Level restriction: 68.



Bergeron: "You just had to go and get these three started, didn't you? Now they will be a huge distraction, and the other miners won't be able to get any work done!"

You "But I didn't say anything... Why are they laughing? Do I look funny? Is there something on my face that I don't know about it?"

Bergeron: "No. It doesn't take much to get folks started with the giggles around here. Prolonged exposure to the crystals has done peculiar things to their minds. They think everything's a real hoot. Makes them all lazy chortlers and bad miners!"

You "Why are they in a cage though?"

Bergeron: "Once a human miner is exposed to the crystals for too long, they lose their marbles. We don't really know what to do with them, so we put those suits on them to keep them safe, the Seamstress makes them for us. We then fence them off to keep them out of trouble. It's a real shame, but we don't really have another option. Lord Pyrrus keeps us too busy mining crystals to keep track of these silly heads."

You "Why are you all mining crystals?"

Bergeron: "Well, seeing as how I don't much fancy being turned into bacon, I made a habit long ago to never question the policies of the Stone Lord. He wants us to mine crystals, so that's what we do. Except, come to think of it..."

You "'ve begun to wonder if there might be a disadvantage to blindly following the orders of a deranged lunatic?"

Bergeron: "Well, maybe just a little. Say, you seem like a risk taker! How about you find out why Pyrrus has us growing and mining these strange crystals, and where they came from to begin with? They didn't originate around here, that's for sure. What do you say, <player_name>? To be honest, I'm a little worried cause some of the folks around here have started to, well, you know."

You "No, actually, I don't know."

Bergeron: "Well, those darn giggles are starting to kill them, that's what. And, there isn't anything funny about people dying from laughter, let me tell you."

You "That's terrible! So terrible that I won't even make a joke about what a deathly serious matter it is. Say no more, Bergeron. I will gladly take on the task of finding out what's going on around here!"

Bergeron: "Try talking to Madam Larchwood. That old spinster has been around forever. She might know a thing or two. You'll find her where she always is, just on the other side of Crashing Creek Mining Camp, pining away for you-know-who. Good luck, <player_name>!"

You "Thanks. Later, Bergeron!"

Talking to Madam Larchwood

Madam Larchwood: "I will not be mocked!"

1 You "Wouldn't dream of it. Madam Larchwood, do you know anything about the history of the strange crystals being mined here?"

Madam Larchwood: "My thoughts are far too consumed with matters of the heart right now to think of anything else. Oh, how can my darling Viktor love her over me? How? How? What could she possibly possess that I do not?"

You "A less severe personality, maybe? Nevermind. Let's talk about crystals!"

Madam Larchwood: "I would be more inclined to assist you, if, perhaps, you would do a little something for me? My beloved Viktor has eyes only for that brazen hussy, Coco. Please rid me of my rival, and I will tell you what I know of the crystals."

1.1 You "Are you crazy? I'm not going to go kill some poor innocent girl just because Viktor fancies her over you!"

Madam Larchwood: "Good bye! I'm quite through with you."

1.2 You "Maybe Viktor is under some sort of love spell. I would like to explore this possibility before resorting to violence."

Madam Larchwood: "Good bye! I'm quite through with you."

1.3You "Hmm. Morally, I have a slight problem with your request, but I think I can get over it. So where can I find this Coco? I'll take her out for you."

Madam Larchwood: "Excellent! Coco can be found gallivanting about on top of that nearby spire. Please bring me her ruby bracelet as proof of her death, and then I shall tell you everything I know about the history of the crystals here."

You "Bye."

Madam Larchwood: "Viktor will belong to me!"

2 You "No, you won't."

Madam Larchwood: "No, I won't!"

Talking to Madam Larchwood again

Madam Larchwood: "Well? Is that no good hussy dead?"

You "Bye."

Madam Larchwood: "Viktor will belong to me!"

Returning with the bracelet

Madam Larchwood: "Well? Is that no good hussy dead?"

You "Yes. Here is Coco's bracelet. So, by any chance, is Viktor an ogre as well?"

Madam Larchwood: "Don't be ridiculous! My darling Viktor is a Leafwad. I've been chasing his love for I don't know how many decades now. I followed Viktor here from the Black Lake, a place that is of course no more. When the Crystal Lady left this world, so, too, did her shimmering castle, and the enchanted obsidian water upon which it floated."

You "Are you talking about the same Crystal Lady that the Legendary Four sought out, and who helped unite them to defeat evil Mallok?"

Madam Larchwood: "Well, of course I am. And she might still be with us today if Lord Pyrrus, in his grief over the loss of Imogen, hadn't... overreacted. I cannot speak to the exact details of the Crystal Lady's death, but I know that it was Pyrrus who killed her. He then fled with a great many of her crystals, which were objects of powerful magic indeed, and used them to transform himself into the mighty Stone Lord that he is today."

You "He murdered her? That's terrible! So the crystals being mined here are descended from those of the Crystal Lady?"

Madam Larchwood: "Quite. But to what end, I cannot say. Perhaps Igby could tell you. He's a shy ghost, so finding him won't be easy, but I'm sure you'll manage. Farewell, <player_name>. I really must ready myself for my beloved Viktor now!"

You "Bye."

Madam Larchwood: "Wish me luck with Viktor!"

You lost 1x Coco's 'Ruby' 'Bracelet'.

You "Sure, whatever you say."

Madam Larchwood: "Viktor will belong to me!"

Talking to Madam Larchwood again

Madam Larchwood: "I think I will elect for a spring wedding."

You "Sure, whatever you say."

Madam Larchwood: "Viktor will belong to me!"

Talking to Igby

Igby: "Hello. My name is Igby. I'm not good around people. I'm shy, and I like to keep myself hidden. So, please, please, please don't tell anyone where I am!"

You "All right, Igby, I won't. So listen, I need your help. I'm trying to find out why Pyrrus is mining crystals here, and what evil thing he uses their magic for. Any ideas?"

Igby: "I'm shy, <player_name>, not dumb. I know lots of things because I spy on all the monsters around here. Then I write down everything that I see and hear in my 'Big Book of This Little Dead Guy's Thoughts.' I'll let you know what I have written about the issue, if you do something for me first."

You "Name it, Igby!"

Igby: "A few days ago, a miner named Joshlin passed away from laughing. And then at his funeral, another miner named Crishan caught the giggles."

You "Uh-oh. That's not good."

Igby: "It sure isn't, <player_name>. The Crystal Lady was a divine being, and the magic from her crystals is too powerful for normal folks to be around every day. That's why everyone is starting to get side effects. But there's a remedy for these side effects! I just hate seeing these poor humans suffer like this, I used to be a human, after all. <player_name>, please get that serum before they all die of the giggles."

You "I agree. I happen to be on another mission of sorts, but this seems like it's worth doing no matter what."

Igby: "I am glad you found me, <player_name>! You will need to find Uta the cook. She can help you create a batch of the serum, and just maybe we can start curing some of these poor folks."

You "Absolutely, Igby. Consider it done!"

Igby: "I wish you luck, <player_name>!"

You "Bye."

Igby: "Farewell, <player_name>."

Talking to Uta

Uta: "I just mopped this patio. Slippery when wet. I'm only saying, because the last wizard who came in here took a tumble and dropped all the fragile vials he was carrying. He gave me a real tongue lashing for it! Hope you're not a klutz, too."

You "I'm not. Thanks for the warning, Uta. But I actually need your help. Igby sent me. He said you could help us create a few doses of the serum that would save some of the miners' lives."

Uta: "I can. But, I need the ingredients, which I am not about to go get. I am a cook, not a combatant!"

You "I happen to be both, though I don't know the serum's recipe. What do you need, Uta?"

Uta: "Well first, I'll need the 'Special Ingredient.' If you can get that, I'll tell you the rest of the list. Pyrrus only trusts one of his winged creations to hold the ingredient, Ralaly Coalgrit."

You "Gargoyle slaying happens to be one of my specialties! I'll be back with whatever it is he carries."

Uta: "Good luck!"

Returning with the zombie brain

Uta: "Do you have the special ingredient?"

You "You could have warned me, Uta. This zombie brain is pretty gross."

Uta: "Gross, yet effective. When saving lives, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty!"

You "You said there were more ingredients, what are they?"

Uta: "As you may have noticed, there are a lot of aggressive wraiths out and about. Unlike smart little Igby, they fed off the crystals magic and have gone a bit crazy."

You "So that is why Igby hasn't attacked me..."

Uta: "Correct! But it also means that their remains contain a filtered essence that is needed for the serum. Fortunately, the recipe only calls for Red and Purple essences, so there is no need to hike to the top of the main Spire quite yet."

You "Red and Purple, got it! I'll be back, Uta."

Uta: "Good luck, <player_name>."

You lost 1x A Prime Zombie Brain.

Returning with the essences

Uta: "Do you have the wraith essences yet?"

You "I have all six: three red and three purple."

Uta: "Great work, <player_name>! I was a little dishonest with you before, I am sorry. But the amount of materials you collected for me won't make a few doses of the serum..."

You "It won't?"

Uta: "It will make a few thousand doses! I had you collect extras so we could truly help the humans around here."

You "Uta, that is fantastic!"

Uta: "All right, then it is time to mix this all up!"

You "How long will this ta-"

Uta: "Done! Here you go! Here is a few doses, bring these to Igby, and tell him I'll bring the rest by later. This is a powerful batch too, they'll wipe the smile off of anyone's face!"

You "Thanks. Bye!"

Uta: "You are welcome, <player_name>. Now hurry to Igby!"

You received Anti-Laughing Serum!

Returning to Igby

Igby: "Hi, <player_name>. Were you able to get a few doses of the serum from Uta?"

You "Even better! Uta tricked me a bit, and we ended up with enough supplies to brew a giant new batch of Anti-Laughing Serum! Here are a few sample doses. Uta says she will bring the rest by later. No one will ever go to their grave laughing again!"

Igby: "That is wonderful, <player_name>! I will start distributing these concoctions at once! I can't thank you enough!"

You "You could thank me by divulging some information that I need..."

Igby: "Of course! How could I forget! Pyrrus is harvesting crystals here because he needs their powerful magic to keep bringing his stone statues to life. That's how his armies get made."

You "That makes sense! Of course!"

Igby: "If you wouldn't interrupt, there is more... I have also heard that there is a nursery here in the Spire. I don't know what's kept in it, but it must be special because I overheard a squadron of barraggers talking about it."

You "And? What did they say?"

Igby: "Well, they grunted a lot. But they did say that they were honored to have been chosen for such an important security detail. And because you and Uta went above and beyond, I'll give you something that will help you find the nursery."

You "Sure!"

"Take this Apriquat Quiche, and find the Overlord Plutarch. Plutarch is Overlord over the Capriccio Mining Camp on the Purple Plane. He loves Apriquat Quiches and will do almost anything for one. So, long, <player_name>, and good luck!"

You "Thanks Igby."

Igby: "Bye." You received Apriquat Quiche! You lost 1x Anti-Laughing Serum.

Talk to Igby again

You "Could you remind me what you have heard from the gargoyles?"

Igby: "Sure. Pyrrus is harvesting crystals here because he needs their powerful magic to bring his stone statues to life. That's how he creates his armies. I have heard that there is a nursery here in the Spire. I don't know what's kept in it, but it must be special because I overheard a squadron of barraggers talking about it."

Talking to Plutarch

Plutarch: "Work more! Harder Work! Work back to for you!"

You "[Wave the Quiche in the air]"

Plutarch: "SMELL? I smell...quiche? Quiche! Quiche!"

You "Hi, Plutarch. I've never met a quiche zombie before. I'll let you have the quiche, if you tell me what you know about the nursery and help me to get inside of it."

Plutarch: "Quiche for Plutarch's Voitod? Gulp gulp! Yes! Yes!"

You "No offense, Plutarch, but why would anyone entrust drinking a... voitod? Especially from a mindless zombie like you?"

Plutarch: "Plutarch like shiny things. Plutarch saw shiny bottle on ground at spire top. Plutarch took shiny bottle. Stone monsters wanted bottle, so Plutarch ate stone monsters. New stone monsters now."

You "Interesting. So, the nursery is near the top of the spire, and the entrance is guarded by a more competent group of Stone Barragers who do not inadvertently drop bottles of mysterious liquid on the ground for mindless zombies to find."

Plutarch: "Right about. Smart human."

You "That still makes me a bit uneasy about this Voitod."

Plutarch: "Not just Voitod! Model special version..."

You "Version?"

Plutarch: "Yes! Special Voitod. Special Voitod 33S model. Yap yap with Seamstress, she know."

You "I have heard of this Seamstress before. Thanks, Plutarch. Enjoy your quiche! I'm off to find the Seamstress."

Plutarch: "She is over point."

You received Voitod 33S! You lost 1x Apriquat Quiche.

[Talking to Plutarch again] Plutarch: "More Quiche?"

You "No more Quiche Voitod."

Talking to The Seamstress

The Seamstress: "And who are you?"

You "A friend? I think. Plutarch sent me, but Bergeron also mentioned you. You seem to be on the right side of things."

The Seamstress: "If by 'side' you mean the B.R.A. then yes. I've heard word that you have been stirring things up a bit."

You "I am here to stop Pyrrus from doing whatever he is doing here in the Crystal Spire. But honestly part of what I am doing is trying to figure out what Pyrrus is doing and..."

The Seamstress: "Slow down, <player_name>! All will be well, I know what you are doing, and more importantly, what needs to be done!"

You "And what do we need to do?"

The Seamstress: "We must find the babies. They don't belong here. They belong with their true mother, an ethereal creature who shimmers, not in this world, but in another. It is time for the babies to go home."

You "When you say 'babies', what exactly do you mean?"

The Seamstress: "Why, her crystal seedlings of course, the Crystal Lady's. Without them, Lord Pyrrus would not be able to cultivate the magic he imbues his stone creatures with. <player_name>, this is what you are trying to figure out, this is what you must do!"

You "But the Crystal Lady is dead, so how would I do that?"

The Seamstress: "There are some of us here who still revere that great woman, and have kept open a sacred channel, albeit a flickering one, to the place where she now dwells. <player_name>, you must retrieve the crystal seedlings from the nursery, but herein lies the problem."

You "What is that?"

The Seamstress: "The Seedlings are invisible. It was a blessing from the Crystal Lady herself, but somehow Pyrrus has figured out a way around this, and now uses it to his advantage. We cannot rescue what we cannot see..."

You "Would this Voitod 33S I got from Plutarch help at all?"

The Seamstress: "Voitod... NO! YES! OF COURSE! That is not a voitod! You are reading it upside down! Its a 'See Potion'! This must be what the gargoyles have been using to handle the seedlings. This is a breakthrough!"

You "So it is safe, the potion that is?"

The Seamstress: "I am sure it is! Now you can head to the Nursery and steal back the seedlings of the crystal mother!"

You "Where do I go?"

The Seamstress: "Head to the top of the main Spire, and fight your way through the Stone guardians. Once inside, consume this potion and look through the chest. Hopefully, you will be able to find the seedlings and steal them back."

You "I'm on it! See you soon!"

The Seamstress: "Good luck, <player_name>!"

You received Crystal 'See Potion'! You lost 1x Voitod 33S.

Returning with the Crystal Seedlings

You "I found the seedlings!"

The Seamstress: "Oh, the precious darlings. You have done it, <player_name>! At last the crystal seedlings can be returned to their true mother. My friends, two mystics of old, await you now, <player_name>. Take the seedlings to them. The statue behind me will serve as your guide."

You "I don't know what that means, but, okay! Farewell, Seamstress."

Talking to Ibsen

Ibsen: "I have waited a long time for this day. At last, the crystal seedlings have been liberated. Thank you, <player_name>. Please, give the seedlings to me so that I might send them home now."

You "Okay."

Ibsen: "Thank you, <player_name>. I will now send them home."

You lost 1x The Crystal Seedlings.

You "I'm ready!"

Ibsen: "They have just been reunited with their mother, the Crystal Lady."

You "That is great!"

Ibsen: "You have done a wonderful thing today, <player_name>."

You "I am glad I could help."

Ibsen: "Farewell, <player_name>."


Bergeron: "Were you able to figure out what's going on around here, <player_name>?"

You "Yes. I learned that Pyrrus killed the Crystal Lady many years ago, and stole some of her magic crystals. He's been harvesting crystals since then so that he can bring his stone statues to life with their magic. But, I put an end to his power supply. The original crystal seedlings are now back where they belong. Oh, and I found a cure for the giggles, too. Go, me! It has been a productive day."

Bergeron: "Aye, I'd say it has been. Thanks, <player_name>. You have saved us all!"