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Cornucopia is an item in Villagers & Heroes.

Blessed by Yorick the legendary gatherer, consuming this horn of plenty will greatly increase ones chances at finding Motes of Yorick.

Items are tradable and stack to 100.


  • These drop when you harvest wood, fruit, bugs, ore, mushroom, fish in your village only.

Extra Infos

  • The next time you have a 100% increased chance to find a Mote of Yorick. Find over 100% gives the chance to find more than one Mote of Yorick.
  • The effect expires after a total of 5 gathers.
  • You can buy recipes at Charter Vendors to combine some Cornucopias into a more powerful one:
Item name Cost Last for: Extra gathers*
Generous Cornucopia 5 Cornucopias 27 gathers +2
Plenteous Cornucopia 10 Cornucopias 55 gathers +5
Robust Cornucopia 20 Cornucopias 112 gathers +12
Overflowing Cornucopia 30 Cornucopias 170 gathers +20

*vs the same amount of basic Cornucopias