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Cooking Fish, otherwise known as meaty fish, is a material item in Villagers and Heroes.


  • Cooking Fish is obtained while fishing at fish nodes matching the name of the fish.
Level Name Description
1 Ardent bluegill.png Ardent Bluegill Their pungent eggs make for exquisite caviar, a popular delicacy at the royal court.
15 Snouted alewife.png Snouted Alewife Pig-like in appearance, these inelegant fish are known for their keen intelligence.
30 Largemouth grouper.png Largemouth Grouper Possess unusual whiskers, coveted by wig-makers throughout the realm.
45 Saltwater tuna.png Saltwater Tuna An ancient species, who once ruled the vast seas in colossal armies.
60 Deepwater angler.png Deepwater Angler Their beautiful, translucent fins have inspired many a coastal poet.
75 Armorhead Carp.png Armorhead Carp A nasty fish. Beware the ferocity of their attacks. They swim always in packs of three.
90 Goldfinned bass.png Goldfinned Bass The chefs of Kingsport are renowned for their special Goldfinned Bass Strudels.