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Confronting The Malicious Miscreant
Level 10
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Confronting The Malicious Miscreant is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Duke Reynaldo told me a story about a banquet attended by all of the kings, queen, princes and princess of the western realms. While at this banquet, the Duke became a touch tipsy and spilled the information that Tarquin was alive imprisioned on Cronk Island, which explains how the Miscreant knew this. This was the last piece of the puzzle. I think I am ready to confront the Miscreant.




  • Head to Dagmar Strand to find and confront the Malicious Miscreant.
  • If I think Hugo is the Miscreant, then I should confront him at Negrescu Vineyards in Dagmar Strand.
  • If I think that the vanishings are being caused by Rhoda, then I should confront her at Ester Estates in Dagmar Strand.
  • If I think that a woman named Donalda is the villain, then I should return to the infested farmstead in Dagmar Strand.
  • If I think Carwen is responsible for all of this, then I should confront her at Bedden Orchard in Dagmar Strand.
  • Dumpy Donalda is actually Clementine DeClancy, and both are the Malicious Miscreant. I have been given an ultimatum and have no other option, I must defeat Donalda DeClancy. If I leave the Inner Sanctum, I should return to the Infested Farmstead in Dagmar Strand to get back.
  • Return to Summer's Hollow through the portal to the north of the arena.
  • Speak with the newly saved Mayor Gummel.
  • Find Lady Phillipa in Ardent Castle and give her the broken half of Mallok's chalice. I can use the Capital Visitation Rune that the mayor gave me to get there quickly.
  • Also do not forget to go back to Summer's Hollow and talk to Chauncey at the stables, to end your A Horse for Heroism quest. Then you finally get that first free mount.


  • 3 silver, 90 copper
  • 27,3k XP
  • Epic Axe (different depending on the played class)
  • Bounty of Summer's Hollow



Rhoda: "I have found my new vocation! I am turning over a new leaf, <Player Name>!"

You "(Accuse) Turning over the leaf of evil and shadow magic?"

Rhoda: "What? No, how ridiculous!"

You "I know about the wishing well, Rhoda! You wished for all of this!"

Rhoda: "I certainly did not! All I wished for was to be mayor. And besides, that well isn't actually magical at all. If it were, I wouldn't have been able to climb down into it, jam it up, then tell Piper what to do."

You "Wait, what? You did that?"

Rhoda: "Yes. And I also gave Itzella all the gold back I won from her. I'm guilty of a few sins, but I am certainly NOT the Malicious Miscreant!"

You "Then who could it be..."

Rhoda: "I'm not the hero, but as it stands neither are you."

Hugo: "Will I ever live this down? An unnamed source provided the Gazette with all sorts of personal details about me!"

You "(Accuse) You are the Malicious Miscreant!"

Hugo "You think I am responsible for all of this? How absurd!"

You "When Clementine dumped you, you went off the deep end and hired a warlock to cast these vanishing spells!"

Hugo: "I did no such thing! I used all of my allowance to buy Clementine's engagement ring, which I can't even find now! My mother wouldn't give me another copper!"

You "But I was sure it was you..."

Hugo: "I may be spoiled, and prone to temper tantrums... but causing everyone to vanish? I would never do such a thing! You are completely wrong about me."

You "Oh. Ooops. I'm sorry, Hugo."

Hugo: "As you should be! Now good day

Carwen: "Like hiya! Oh, it's you!"

You "(Accuse) Yes, it's me! I am ready to apprehend you now!"

Carwen: "Apprehend me? For what?"

You "For being the Malicious Miscreant, of course!"

Carwen: "I am not! I may have taken those Toxic Toadstools from the infested farmstead, but it was only because I wanted to make Clementine ill so I could have her part in the play. But then she vanished before I'd even given them to her. And besides."

You "Besides what?"

Carwen: "I couldn't have gone through with it anyway. After all the scary books I read on dark magic, I knew I didn't have it in me to hurt anyone like that. I threw the evil toadstools away."

You "Then you really are not the Malicious Miscreant."

Carwen: "You're silly to have thought that, <Player Name>. I am like totally an actress and that's all. Now go find the real Miscreant!"

You "I'm sorry for the trouble."

Carwen: "Good day to you!"

Clementine DeClancy: "Well, I certainly wasn't expecting any visitors here. What an unpleasant annoyance this is. Like a pesky ant at a sumptuous picnic."

You "I think I know of something you are missing."

Clementine DeClancy: "And such an amusing little ant! Don't be ridiculous. All of my possessions are of the utmost finery. There is nothing I own that you could possibly possess, you bedraggled looking thing."

You "How about a peg leg? Because YOU are Donalda! And YOU are the Malicious Miscreant. The theater--"

Clementine DeClancy: "--how I detest the theater."

You "--the theater was all a ruse. It wasn't enough for you, was it?"

Clementine DeClancy: "Well, of course it wasn't enough. The moment I touched Mallok's broken chalice, I felt a surge of such tremendous...not just energy, but kinship! I could feel the dark majestic power of Mallok fusing with my own blood, and it was such euphoria! And that was but a taste."

You "And now you are looking for the other half of Mallok's Obsidian Chalice."

Clementine DeClancy: "Indeed, and with it I will be made whole! I will unleash the Shadow Years again, and lord over a wonderfully nightmarish new Seven Realms! Now then. I just need to do a little ant squashing first. That, <Player Name>, as we say in the theater, is your cue. Care to take a spin with me?"

You "If you're challenging me to a battle, I accept."

Clementine DeClancy: "Wonderful! So I suggest we adjourn to a far more spacious arena than this. I invite you to my inner sanctum, little ant, for a battle you will sadly not be returning from."

You "You are a monster!"

Clementine DeClancy: "You want a monster, <Player Name>? Then it is with Donalda that you shall dance!"

You "To battle!"

Donalda DeClancy is defeated by <Player Name>!

Mayor Gummel: "There's the hero! You have saved Summer's Hollow! The Vanishing Curses have all been lifted, and our beloved citizens have returned!"

You "I have defeated the Malicious Miscreant, who turned out to be none other than Clementine Declancy herself."

Mayor Gummel: "She staged her own vanishing to throw us all off! Very crafty..."

You "It turns out, you all knew Clementine more than you thought. Clementine was actually Dumpy Donalda."

Mayor Gummel: "But how?"

You "Donalda was given a broken half of Mallok's Obsidian Chalice, which bestowed her with great powers and transformed her. It was the other half of Mallok's chalice that Donalda/Clementine sought."

Mayor Gummel: "That explains why she wanted Tarquin, and the torches relit. She really thought she could bring back the Shadow years! But you stopped her. <Player Name>, we are forever indebted to you."

You "But what of Mallok's chalice?"

Mayor Gummel: "We have just received word from the capital, Ardent City. Lady Philippa, sister to the King, has responded to a letter she received from Beppe."

You "What does it say?"

Mayor Gummel: "I have just been informed that the hero known as <Player Name> has defeated the Malicious Miscreant and saved Summer's Hollow. I humbly request that this champion visit me in Ardent Castle, and deliver the broken half of the chalice to me. I look forward to meeting so great a hero. Sincerely, Lady Philippa."

You "Then it is to Ardent Castle I must go!"

Mayor Gummel: "Wonderful! You are a great hero, <Player Name>. I don't have much, but I do have a special stone that will get you to Ardent Castle quickly. Or you can choose to save it and I'll teleport you directly. The choice is yours."

You received Capital Visitation Stone!

Continued in: Plotting The Course.