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Coleman's Reclamation
Level 34
Type Main quest
Location Aberdeen Heath

Coleman's Reclamation is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

While Coleman was knocked out, it seems some local Goblins raided his supplies. He needs me to reclaim them so we can stop the Black Thrush




  • Find Coleman's Healing Balm from the goblins in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Find Coleman's Disguise Kit from the goblins in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Find Coleman's Lock-Picking Kit from the goblins in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Find Coleman's Enemy Location Detector from the goblins in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Bring Coleman's supplies back to him in Aberdeen Heath.


  • 19 silver
  • 22,4k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Glove (different depending on the played class)



Coleman: "Were you able to find my supplies?"

You "Yes, here!"

Coleman: "Ah, you found them! Thank you!"

Coleman: "Oh, my head is killing me."

You "So what is next?"

Coleman: "<Player Name>, I have a plan. I'll tell you, but first I need to use some of my healing balm."

You "Okay."

Coleman: "Your friend, the Sprite, Mercer, just showed up. He says he'll do whatever he can to help you. Go talk to him while I heal myself."

Mercer: "I found you! I'm feeling much better now, and ready to kill and mangle and butcher every last member of the Black Thrush! Course I'm only a singing Sprite, but I sure am a brave one!"

You "That's kind of you, Mercer. But I think I have a job better suited for you than battle."

Mercer: "What is it, <Player Name>? I'll do anything to help!"

You "Go to the Withering Woodlands."

Mercer: "All right, I owe you my life! Why am I going to the Withering Woodlands?"

You "Samuel and Nadia are hiding there. Go and ensure that they are safe."

Mercer: "Samuel is Queen Fiona's brother! Why, I know him well! Samuel and I are old friends. He used to travel with us in the Royal Caravan. <Player Name>, I will absolutely do this!"

You "Thanks, Mercer. I will join you there as soon as I can."

Mercer: "Farewell, <Player Name>!"

Continued in: A Meeting With Mercer