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Players must choose a Class for each of their characters to play in Villagers and Heroes. Classes are selected at the time of character creation and cannot be changed. Warrior is the only strictly-melee class; Hunter, Priest, and Wizard are the ranged classes; and Shaman could be either, depending on sub-class.

There are 5 different classes players can choose from, with each class having 2 sub-classes:

Players can choose to make their character purely one of those subclasses (via talents and gear) or make hybrid builds. Preferred play style and goals will help determine which subclass you want to focus on.

While these are a huge generalization, here are some characteristics of each subclass. All classes have a group support mechanism. Even when AoEs or DoTs are mentioned, players can choose not to use these, or make an unconventional build successfully - e.g. AoE machine with hunter, Holy Priest dps/tank/healer combo, single target/high DPS fire wizard.

Subclass General Characteristics
Marksman Hunter DPS class
Nature Hunter DPS class; many DoTs
Holy Priest primary healer in game, does good damage also
Shadow Priest DPS class with good survivability; DoTs with a smattering of AoEs
Fury Warrior DPS class
Lightning Warrior Tank class; aggro holding
Fire Wizard DPS class; many AoEs
Ice Wizard DPS class; great survivability
Earth Shaman Tank/DPS class
Water Shaman Healer/DPS class


Drops are weighted towards your class, but not necessarily to your subclass. I.e. if you are playing a wizard, you should see more wizard gear drop from enemies than gear for other classes.

Quest Rewards[]

Your overall power for the subclass will often determine what reward item you get from a quest. (E.g. Hunters can get a Nature or Marksman gloves, based on whichever power is higher, Nature or Marksman). Power is determined both by the talent points spent, and gear stats. You can view your power in the Character window.


  • Upon rebirth, you'll be given a set of level 1 gear of a random subclass.