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Checking With Tribunus
Level 12
Type Main quest
Location Ardent Castle

Checking With Tribunus is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kelp the rat made mention of Tribunus Nuala, and how she passed along the information to Lady Philippa that caused her to flee. I should check with Nuala and see what she knows.




  • Find Tribunus Nuala in Ardent City and ask her about Lady Philippa’s quick departure.


  • 1 silver, 25 copper
  • 3937 XP
  • Uncommon Priest Boots (different depending on the played class)


  • Go to Ardent city to D5 (courtyard) and talk to Tribunus Nuala to find out what she knows. This ends the quest and you get your reward.
  • But keep talking to her and she tell you all she knows (a group of 5 = Royal Party) and you get the follow up quest: On The Trail, To Kingsport!.


You "Hey! I don't look smug - er - I mostly don't. Well, maybe sometimes I look a tad pleased with myself. Whatever, now you've made me babble! Hate babbling. What sort of things don't I know?"

Kelp: "For starters, you don't know where Lady Philippa has gone, do you? Nor do you know how Tribunus Nuala just recently delivered some unpleasant news to Lady Philippa, who has left to confirm it. The Black Thrush have risen again! All thanks to your handiwork, Cerula. We're all doomed now because of you. Nice going, hero."

You "Huh? What are you talking about? I saved the whole realm. I'm a realm saver!"

Kelp: "Well, realm saver, I guess it didn't occur to you that when Donalda vowed to unleash the Shadow Years again, she roused the bloodlust of many evil creatures and secret groups who have long hungered for the return of Mallok. Donalda was their beacon. You defeated her, but they all now know of the existence of Mallok's chalice, and that you gave the broken half of it to Lady Philippa."

You "But she is taking it safely to Stormhold where it will be safe! So all is well!"

Kelp: "You wish. Sorry, hero, but The Black Thrush have risen again. The Black Thrush were proclaimed by the Crown to have been vanquished many years ago, just after King Leo lost his wife. But we rats hear all of the dark whisperings around here, and the Black Thrush are back, I tell you! But enough of this. Go talk to Tribunus Nuala yourself."

You "Oh, I plan to!"

Kelp: "She is on duty at the guard station in Ardent City. Now Good bye!"

Talk to Tribunus Nuala

Tribunus Nuala: "How could this have happened? I sent only my best people to escort the party Lady Philippa sent to Stormhold with the chalice. It's been several hours, but I still haven't heard word that the party arrived in Stormhold! They should be there by now!"

You "Are you telling me that Mallok's evil chalice, an insanely powerful magical object, is possibly no longer safe, and could have fallen into other hands, bad hands?"

Tribunus Nuala: "Quite possibly... Yes."