Charmed Replica Key
Charmed replica key.png
Charmed Replica Key
Level N/A

Charmed Replica Key is an item in Villagers & Heroes.

An exact replica of the key needed to get into the secret cave in Keppel Cavern.


  • You need 8 Tipple, 3 drops of Almandine Mist and 1 Mewter Rodge Pearl, to make this key. Double click one of the items to make the key.
  • In case you loose key, return to the following NPC's to get the ingredients again: Boyet G7, Seper D8 and collect the tipples at B7 and combine them again.
  • Items found in Lapoose's quest, "Till Death Do Us Part." Lapoose is in Keppel Cavern, D4.
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