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Charmed Replica Key
Charmed Replica Key
Level N/A

Charmed Replica Key is an item in Villagers & Heroes.

An exact replica of the key needed to get into the secret cave in Keppel Cavern.


  • You need 8 Tipple, 3 drops of Almandine Mist and 1 Mewter Rodge Pearl, to make this key.
  • In case you loose key, return to the following NPC's to get the ingredients again: Boyet G7, Seper D8 and collect the tipples at B7 and combine them again
  • Prerequisite: Lapoose's quest, "Till Death Do Us Part." Lapoose is in Keppel Cavern at D4.
  • Walkthrough: Lapoose will give you a faded stone etching to give to the Unseemly Sisters. Find them via stone teleporters starting in G6 then H5. Finish the sisters' quests and Boyet's (G5) to get what is needed to craft the key. Lapoose will not give the quest until you have finished "Eyes on the Prize," given by Sparticus in knockroe Village. Hint: in Till Death Do Us Part, use the stone teleporter in G7 to find the missing sister, Augusta.