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Chaeynore Killshot
Chaeynore Killshot
Level Scaled
Health Scaled
Type Bounty, Venerable Boss
Attack Radius On Sight
Unique Drops None
Location Flooded Cloisters
Species Human

Chaeynore Killshot is a Bounty in Villagers & Heroes.




    • Blood Chiller: This enemy has been enchanted. When it dies it freezes the blood of all nearby enemies, reducing maximum Health and Mana by 10%.
    • Blaster: This enemy has been enchanted, granting a 10% chance after being attacked to release a wave of damaging energy.
    • Soul Link: This enemy has soulbound nearby minions, causing all damage taken to be split between them.
    • Templar's Wrath: This enemy has righteous anger, causing it to heal for 100% of its maximum life each time a nearby ally dies.
    • Brawler: When this enemy is below 30% life, it attacks 60% faster and its critical strikes deal 100% more damage.
    • Vampiric: Grants all attacks a 50% chance to heal for 20% of the damage it deals.

(can be others)


  • Heals quickly


  • None

Extra Info[]

  • All the minions close to her will help her.