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Vendors can be found all around the world, but mostly in towns. There are a few types of vendors:

  • Common Vendors (food, tools, etc.)
    • Buy weapons, armors, shields, rings, trinkets.
    • Buy plants from gardening and gems.
    • Wears blue and golden clothes.
  • Traveling Vendors
    • Offers Mote of Yorick. Each has their own price which changes after any update.
    • Buys same items as Common Vendors
    • Wears blue and golden clothes
  • Charter Vendors
    • Only accept Charter Tokens.
    • You'll gain Charter Tokens by selling items to them.
    • Buy gathered materials, refined materials, preparations (embroideries, resins, etc.)
    • Buy crafted potions, drams, crafted food (except pies)
    • Wears the Official Charter Robe, a red and white robe with yellow details.
  • Red Doubloons Vendors
  • Event Vendors
    • Only accept event currency.
    • Only appears while their event is running
    • Buy the same things than common vendors, for gold/silver/copper.
  • Tool Vendor
  • Sell gathering, crafting, ranching tools.
  • Buys same items as Common Vendors
  • Repair your tools


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