This category contains a list of Example pages, which can used to create your own pages on Villagers and Heroes Wiki.

How to Use

You may create your own pages in this wiki (or edit existing ones) by following these steps:

  1. Select the Example you wish to edit, such as Example:Item or Example:Bounty.
  2. Select Edit Source at the top of any wiki page. If your browser window is small, then you may need to select the drop-down menu called More to see the Edit Source option.
  3. Highlight and copy the entire page except for the {{Example}} line (if creating a new page) or a portion that is needed (if editing an existing page).
  4. Search for the page that you wish to create/edit.
    • If you are creating your own page, then select the first option:

      Create the page Your_Search on this wiki!

    • If you are editing a current page, then select the page you wish to edit (or go to the page using any other means).
  5. Paste the contents or edit any relevant information as desired.
    • If creating a new page, you will need change many "filler" portions with information relevant to your topic. Relevant information may include images, flavor text, item descriptions, location of a quest/NPC/enemy, an explanation or even a tutorial ... any information you add will depend immensely on the page you are creating.
  6. Save Changes - Do not forget to save any progress you have made. If you feel your page is incomplete or simply has missing/outdated information, then you can add the tags {{Stub}} or {{Poor}} to the top of the page so that readers and other editors know that the page is not yet finished. You may even get some help or advice on your page from other people. The following snippet shows what using the tags should look like on a dummy Example:Ability page:
{{Stub}} {{Poor}}

{{Infobox (Ability)
| image = my awesome passive.png
| type = Passive

'''My Awesome Passive''' is an [[Abilities|Ability]] in [[Villagers & Heroes]].

<i>Passivity is the new aggressiveness. The pacifist has come out of meditation is is ready to kick some tail.</i>

* You must be a Pacifist-type class.
* You must have a desire to slay your foes with the power of your inner fury.
* You must actually select the right ultimate and get the "Passive Aggressive" [[List of Runes|Rune]] on your gear.

* Holy [[Priest|Priests]]
* Purified Water [[Shaman|Shamans]]
* Holy-fied Lightning [[Warrior|Warriors]]

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