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Catching the Claw
Level 91
Type Main quest
Location Blight Bay

Catching the Claw is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Radboud Charrtrel has agreed to help me find Manticore's Claw. He has asked me to meet him on Ash White.





  • 70 silver
  • 1,8m XP
  • Uncommon Priest Belt (might be different depending on the played class)



Radboud Charrtrel: "I've heard that Slarissa is amassing powerful objects, is it true?"

You "It is, which is why I need to stop her."

Radboud Charrtrel: "I happen to know where one such object is, the Manticore's Claw. Have you heard of it?"

You "Yes, in fact Sapphira was just telling me about it."

Radboud Charrtrel: "A nasty piece of work it is, especially if someone ever managed to bring the beast back to life. I can help you find it if you want."

You "I absolutely do!"

Radboud Charrtrel: "Then I will meet you on Ash White. I'll gather my notes in the meantime, and we will get to work as soon as possible."

Radboud Charrtrel: "<Player Name>, you made it! I'm glad."

You "Wow, this place is incredible. There is more color here than on the entire island!"

Radboud Charrtrel: "I'm quite proud of what I've accomplished here. It has taken quite a bit of time figuring out how to get things to grow here in the Ash Blight, tricky stuff, let me tell you."

Gained 1.8m experience!

You "So you say you know where the Manticore's Claw is?"

Radboud Charrtrel: "Indeed I do, it's in the belly of a Kaluga. Find Kaluga, open him up, and there the Manticore's Claw will be."

You "Easy! Point me in the right direction and I will slay this foul beast!"

Radboud Charrtrel: "Kaluga isn't a beast, and probably wouldn't put up much of a challenge if you tried to fight him. You see, Kaluga is a toothed carp, a type of fish that is native to these shores."

You "A fish?"

Radboud Charrtrel: "Yes, and a special one at that. He has long been a point of local lore in these parts, for not only is he one of the largest toothed carp in the area, he is also albino. Many are superstitious of Kaluga, often times associating a sighting of him with bad luck."

You "So if I find Kaluga, I can get the claw? Sounds easy enough."

Radboud Charrtrel: "No one has caught Kaluga, not in fifty years. Save one man."

You "I'm hoping, you?"

Radboud Charrtrel: "No, Theobald. Somehow the lich captain managed to catch Kaluga, and knowing how hard the creature was to find, forced the artifact down its throat. Theobald then released Kaluga back to the waters of Cinder Strand."

You "What hope do I have in catching this fish then?"

Radboud Charrtrel: "Much hope! For I know just how to catch him. You see, the last person to catch Kaluga prior to Theobald was my grandfather, over seventy-five years ago. There is a secret to catching Kaluga, and I know it."

You "What is the secret?"

Radboud Charrtrel: "The only way to catch Kaluga is with a Cinder Fireworm. They are a rare worm that can only be found burrowed within a rotting Apple of Cinder. There is only one problem, which is where I'm hoping you can help."

You "Of course I can help!"

Radboud Charrtrel: "Trees of Cinder stopped growing when the Ash Blight hit. However with my recent discoveries I think we can get one to grow, I even know where to get some seeds. Will you help me grow a Tree of Cinder, so we can lure a Cinder Fireworm and catch Kaluga?"

You "Yes, let's do it."

Radboud Charrtrel: "The first step to get a Tree of Cinder to grow is to find an adequate location with good soil. It must be high enough so the soil hasn't become corrupted by the ocean ash water, but still close enough to the shore to get the fresh sea breeze. I have created a device that will help you find such a location. Use it around Ash White until you find the perfect spot, then return to me."

You received Soil Sampler!

Continued in: Planting Site.