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Candy Collections
Level 1
Type Daily quest
Location Sugarsweet Summit

Candy Collections is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Willy Wilder has asked for my help gathering candy from Sugarsweet Summit.


  • None





  • This is a daily Quest. Every time one of the 4 different type of candies here in Sugarsweet Summit will be asked - they each are level 15, but in case you have a lower level: all the items are tradeable, so you can ask your friends to collect them:
  • Return to Willy Wilder and give him the requested items. This ends the quest and you get your reward.
  • You need to do this quest at least 10 times for A Delicious Time of Year.


Willy Wilder: "Greetings again, <Player-Name>! Care to help me gather some items from Sugarsweet Summit."

You "What do you want me to collect?"

Willy Wilder: "Could you head just south of Bonbon Bazaar and find the Lemon Cap Colonies? Then gather 45 Lemon Caps for me?"


Willy Wilder: "Have you collected my items for me yet?"

You "I gathered these Lemon Cap for you."

Willy Wilder: "Wonderful, they look nice and sour! Come back tomorrow and help me again, <Player-Name>!"

You "Later."

Willy Wilder: "Good tidings."

Extra Info

  • Since this is a scaled event quest, the REWARD in money and xp is also SCALED.
  • The rewards DISAPPEAR after the event!