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Level 32
Type Side quest
Location Hungry Troll Cave

Brutal! is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Millicent is looking for her lost brother. He could be anywhere, but perhaps I can help find him, or at least some clues as to his whereabouts.


  • None



  • Talk more to Millicent.
  • Talk to Theobald in Elk Meadow F6.
  • Talk to Wymarc in Sirens Course G6 (she gives you the pendant).
  • Bring back the pendant to Millicent Millicent's Pendant.
  • Go to Gundred in Elk Meadow G4 (she gives you a bag of fruit).
  • Return to Millicent.


  • 18 silver
  • 8500 XP
  • Uncommon Warrior Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • Continue speaking to Millicent to gain more information.
  • Head to Elk Meadow and talk to Theobald (F6) to learn where his partner is located.
  • Now go to Sirens Course and confront Wymarc near the southeast corner of the zone (G7). She will give you Millicent's Pendant.
  • Return to Millicent in Hungry Troll Cave and give her the pendant. She will tell you about her brother's fiance Gundred. Mention an apple pie recipe to Millicent and she'll tell you that she uses a blend.
  • Go back to Elk Meadow and talke to Gundred near the portal to Oak Valley (G4). She will tell you what happened to Sichar and give you a Bag of Fruit.
  • Return to Millicent in Hungry Troll Cave one last time and let her know what happened to her brother. This will complete the quest.

Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)


Millicent: "You won't make it far in this cavern."

You "What are you doing in here?"

Millicent: "I'm looking for someone. My brother, Sichar. He's been missing for a few days now. I have no idea where he is, but he used to enjoy spelunking in this cavern when we were younger. I've already explored this cave and didn't find anything, so now I'm standing here wondering where to search next."

Millicent: "You won't make it far in this cavern."

You "Why do you say that?"

Millicent: "There's an especially brutal Cave Brute down there. Kills just about anyone who approaches."

You "Just about?"

Millicent: "Yeah. I came here with a couple of hired swordsmen. When the beast saw us, he got angry and charged. He smacked us around a little, I admit. But for some reason, instead of killing us, he tossed us out. Literally! He picked us up, one by one, and threw us into the portal."

You "Where are the swordsmen now?"

Millicent: "Good-for-nothing bums! They ran back to town, no doubt lying about their victories and spoils. Theobald and Wymarc are their names. More like Terrified and Petrified, ha! Wymarc even took my pendant, which fell off during the scuffle. It's just a silly trinket, but it holds special value to me. If you see them, punch them out for me, would you?"

You "Goodbye." Millicent: "Good tidings."

  • At Elk Meadow

Theobald: "Hey, looking to hire some protection?"

You "What sort of protection?"

Theobald: "Monster protection. My partner and I will accompany you wherever you want to go and ward off any monsters we encounter. We're highly trained with our swords."

You "How much?"

Theobald: "It will be 1 silver... just as soon as my partner gets back." You "Where's your partner?"

Theobald: "Wymarc went to Sirens Course for something. She'll be back soon, though." You "Farewell."

Theobald: "Good tidings."

  • At Sirens Course

Wymarc: "You shouldn't be here. This area is too dangerous for the likes of you."

You "You took something from a friend. Does the name Millicent ring any bells?"

Wymarc: "Well, duh. It's a small town, everybody knows everyone. I've known her for years. How long have YOU known her?"

You "Actually... we just met. But she seemed nice enough."

Wymarc: "Oh, she is, she is. A little headstrong sometimes. She bakes a mean apple pie, you should ask her about it."

You "Good to know, I will do that. Now there is something I must ask you."

Wymarc: "I already know what you're going to say."

You "Where is Millicent's pendant?"

Wymarc: "Oh. Huh. Actually, I thought you were going to ask me what I'm doing here in Sirens Course. But yours is also a good question. Her pendant is in a safe place."

You "Let me guess, the pendant is in your pocket?"

Wymarc: "Like I said, a safe place. You see, I suspected from the beginning of this conversation that you and I were going to come to blows. So I have been artfully extending our dialog so that I may analyze your strengths and weaknesses. But we are almost at that time for our combat to begin."

You "I have been doing the same. I am prepared to defeat your mace."

Wymarc: "I'm afraid that is most unlikely."

You "So, you admit you are afraid."

Wymarc: "Bah! That is not what I... Forget it. You do realize this is a battle to the death then?" You "Actually, I plan on running and jumping through the nearest portal."

Wymarc: "Then I shall have to take pleasure in bringing you pain until that time." You "Yes, you shall! Let us begin."

Wymarc: "You know what, just take the pendant, I'm no longer in the mood. Perhaps we will duel another time."

You received Millicent's Pendant!

  • At Hungry Troll Cave

Millicent: "You won't make it far in this cavern."

You "I caught up with Wymarc. Here's your pendant back."

Millicent: "Wow, thank you! So unexpected! It was a birthday present from my brother. Funny thing, he never remembered my birthday before. I really didn't expect anything from him this year, since we had been arguing. Well, more than usual."

You lost 1x Millicent's Pendant.

You "What do you argue about?"

Millicent: "Mostly the usual brother-sister stuff. But lately, we've been arguing about Gundred. That's his fiancee. She shows up out of nowhere, then all of a sudden he's engaged to her? When she was around, which was all the time, it was like I didn't even exist anymore."

You "Go on..."

Millicent: "I know I sound jealous, but if she really cared about him, why isn't she out here helping me find him?"

You "Where is Gundred now?"

Millicent: "Probably by the fruit trees over in Elk Meadow. She's always had a thing for fruit. In fact, ever since his disappearance, she's been practically obsessed with fruit-picking."

You "Wymarc mentioned you bake a good apple pie."

Millicent: "The trick is to not limit yourself to one kind of apple. I actually use a blend."

You "Farewell."

Millicent: "Safe travels, <Player Name>."

  • At Elk Meadow

Gundred: "Can't have enough fruit!"

You "Why aren't you helping Millicent search for your betrothed?"

Gundred: "Wow. You cut right to the chase, don't you. Very well. I'll tell you. I'm not searching for Sichar because... I know where he is."

You "Where is he?"

Gundred: "He's in Hungry Troll Cave."

You "All Millicent found was a cave brute named Chlodomere. Are you saying...?"

Gundred: "Yes."

You "Sichar and Chlodomere are..."

Gundred: "Yes..."

You "...secretly running an underground fruit smuggling operation?"

Gundred: "... No!"

You "But why?? It doesn't make sense. Fruit is free! It literally grows on trees!"

Gundred: "No, that's not it! Please, stop your talking. I will tell you everything. Just please do not speak anymore. Wow."

You "Go on..."

Gundred: "Chlodomere is Sichar. They are one and the same. I knew Millicent wasn't happy I married her brother so soon. I wanted her out of the way. I found out about this pendant which would transform a person into a different creature. I gave the pendant to Sichar to give to Millicent for her birthday."

You "Go on..."

Gundred: "I thought it would transform her into something nice, like a pig or sheep, and just for a few days. Just long enough for me and Sichar to exchange vows."

You "What happened next?"

Gundred: "I was to meet Sichar in the woods between our homes. But when I got there, I saw Chlodomere wearing the pendant. When he saw me, he looked at me just the way Sichar did. I instantly knew what happened."

You "Go on..."

"He then took off the pendant and dropped it. Then he ran off. From a distance I saw him enter the cavern."

You "Go on..."

Gundred: "I didn't know what to do, so I picked up the pendant, took it home, wrapped it, and left it for Millicent in her home when she wasn't there."

You "Go on..."

Gundred: "I'm sorry, I'm too upset to talk anymore right now."

You "Wait, I still have questions..."

Gundred: "Later! When my nerves have settled."

  • At the Hungry Troll Cave

Millicent: "Have you seen my brother? I even miss arguing with him."

You "I have some bad news about Sichar. [Tell her everything.]"

Millicent: "Thank you... for telling me. I am deeply saddened by this. Still, at least, I know he is alive. And I can stop searching. I will stay here and watch over him. Perhaps when my mind settles I can begin trying to figure out a way to reverse the curse."

Gained 8500 Elder experience!

You "Bye."

Millicent: "Until next time."