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Broken Blade
Level 82
Type Side quest
Location Dartrey Woods

Broken Blade is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Flander has lost his sword, and has tasked me with finding it.It seems like it meant a lot to him.


  • Reach Dartrey Forest



  • Find Flander's Blade Hilt.
  • Find Flander's Blade Tip.
  • Find Flander's Blade Piece.
  • Find Flander's Blade Piece.
  • Return the blade pieces to Flander.
  • Ask Viggo to repair Flander's blade.
  • Return Flander's Blade to him.


  • 61 silver
  • 855k XP



Flander : "Hey, you!"

You "Who? Me?"

Flander: "Do you see anyone else? I need your help."

You "What do you need help with?"

Flander: "I tried to fight those bandits, but they beat me up and broke my sword!"

You "Oh, that is too bad."

Flander: "It is! I can't just get a new sword, because that one was special! Can you find the pieces for me?"

You "OK, I'll look for them."

Flander: "Thanks! I'll wait for you here."

Flander : "Have you found my sword pieces yet? There should be 4 of them."

You "I did! Here they are."

Flander: "My poor sword! I can't do anything with this!"

You "Well, what should we do then?"

Flander: "I have a friend in Summer's Hollow named, Viggo. Can you bring this to him?"

You "I think I've met Viggo before."

Flander: "Excellent! Have him repair my sword and then bring it back to me."

Viggo : "Any news? How is your investigation going?"

You "What? Oh. Can you repair this sword for me?"

Viggo: "Eh? Sure."

You received Flander's Blade!

You lost 1x Flander's Blade Hilt.

You lost 1x Flander's Blade Piece 1.

You lost 1x Flander's Blade Piece 2.

You lost 1x Flander's Blade Tip.

You "Thanks!"

Viggo: "Yeah, whatever."

Flander : "Have you gotten Viggo to repair my sword yet?"

You "I did!"

Flander : "Yes! My sword is back!"

You lost 1x Flander's Blade.

Gained 855k experience!

You "Goodbye."

Flander : "Good tidings."