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Brindle Initiation
Level 58
Type Main quest
Location Knockroe Village

Brindle Initiation is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Skinny Dingo is having me do some tasks as initiation to the Brindle Rebel Alliance. He said I should check around the Upper Keep for Brindles there, they might know the information he needs.




  • Kill Overlord Phuorick in the Lower Keep.
  • Kill 8 Winged Masters in the Mezzanine.
  • Discover the name of Pyrrus' attendants.
  • Discover the special power of Pyrrus' personal attendant.


  • 39 silver
  • 45,9k XP
  • Uncommon Trinket


Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)


Picking up quest

Skinny Dingo: "I smell the arrival of a new rebel. Greetings, Comrade!"

You "Greetings! I would like to aid the alliance. How can I help?"

Skinny Dingo: "I'm afraid you must first complete the initiation process, Comrade. Only then will you meet our leader and be privy to covert Brindle affairs."

You "What must I do?"

Skinny Dingo: "Know thy enemy! Train yourself by killing 8 winged masters in the Mezzanine, including their master, Overlord Phuorick. Afterwards, do some investigative work and learn what the name of Pyrrus' personal gargoyle attendant is, and what unique skill he possesses. Return to me when you have accomplished these tasks."

You "Where can I learn that information?"

Skinny Dingo: "Try talking to some of the Brindles that are kepts as servants in the Upper Keep. Sometimes they glean useful information."

You "I will!"

Skinny Dingo: "Good luck recruit!"

Talking to Regina

Regina: "I'm almost finished waxing this floor."

You "Regina, aren't you worried the gargoyles will hurt you out here in the open?"

Regina: "Not in the slightest. First off, they will never hurt me as long as I do my chores, and secondly, if they ever do find out that I'm in the BRA, I have a Muddling Potion."

You "What is a Muddling potion?"

Regina: "It makes the gargoyles forget things, it works incredibly well. The Benefactress gave it to me."

You "Say, who's this 'Benefactress?'"

Regina: "No one knows her real name, but she's a true friend to the Brindles and helps us in our fight against Pyrrus. If you ever find yourself with an unsolvable dilemma, she's the person to talk to. This one time, I was--uh-oh! I hear mooing! Go! Go!"

You "Wait real quick, do you know the name of Pyrrus' personal gargoyle attendant?"

Regina: "Yes, I do. It is Abergavenny."

You "Do you happen to know what unique skill he possesses?"

Regina: "I'm afraid not. Talk to Bisbee in the Lower Keep, he'll know. More mooing! Go go!"

Talking to Bisbee

[with Trolls with Knowledge] You "What hurt?"

Bisbee: "Landing on the ground after I jumped out of the window."

You "Whatever were you trying to do?"

Bisbee: "Trying to fly. But I don't have wings. Abergavenny doesn't have wings, either. Except he can fly. Why couldn't I? It's not fair."

You "Ah-ha! Thank you, Bisbee."

Completing quest

Skinny Dingo: "Have you accomplished the tasks I set out for you, Comrade?"

You: "I have! I defeated 15 Gargoyles. I also learned that the name of Pyrrus' personal gargoyle attendant is Abergavenny, and that he has a unique talent. Even though Abergavenny does not have wings, he is able to fly."

Skinny Dingo: "Congratulations, and welcome to the Brindle Rebel Alliance! You have passed your initiation, and are now one of us."