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Bounty Master of Sapphira's Lament
Level 55
Type Main quest
Location Sapphira's Lament

Bounty Master of Sapphira's Lament is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Defeat all bounties in Sapphira's Lament.


  • None
  • Must be at least level 53



  • Defeat Adomon B7
  • Defeat Agert D4
  • Defeat Ahate C1
  • Defeat Bor G7
  • Defeat Bumblebriar A/B5
  • Defeat Cek D2
  • Defeat Ch'crixx B3
  • Defeat Ch'layiss C4
  • Defeat Dem D3
  • Defeat Drod G6
  • Defeat Enaley B2
  • Defeat Esero F7
  • Defeat Etorkin F3
  • Defeat Ett G5/6
  • Defeat Gel G3
  • Defeat Islis C6
  • Defeat Jentet G5
  • Defeat Mossbum B3
  • Defeat Orisu G7
  • Defeat Pompom E2
  • Defeat Punpun E4
  • Defeat Pursalot E4
  • Defeat Res B5
  • Defeat Serti G3
  • Defeat Sid Hipho G4
  • Defeat Strel E2
  • Defeat Thid G6
  • Defeat Tiarrus C6
  • Defeat Tickletooth G4
  • Defeat Tiggur B5
  • Defeat Tonton F3
  • Defeat Turdbird B3
  • Defeat Yissith C7
  • Defeat Zayc D5
  • Defeat Zhard E4


  • 5 silver, 50 copper
  • 168k XP


  • Kill every bounty on your list.
  • When all are dead, return to Tully and tell him about your progress. This ends the quest and you get your reward.
  • Talk some more with him and if you have also successfully finished Mold Fever, will give you the next quest: A Gifted Chicken.


Turning in quest

If you haven't done Mold Fever: (missing) If you've done Mold Fever: Tully: "You found me my Gantheo Mold, but have you killed all the bounties?"

You: "I did! Please, Tully, will you tell me more about the Brindles now?"

Tully: "Very well. There was a time when the Brindles were not blind. In fact, we used to possess a special vision, a magical vision, which helped us in our digging."

[Quest complete. See A Gifted Chicken for rest of dialog.]