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Blight Bay

Blight Bay
Type Island
Level Range 90-95
Location The Blighted Isles

Blight Bay is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

A natural bay forms a protective barrier around the only dry land in the area untouched by blight.

(Must be level 90)

Extra Info

  • This zone has a negative buff: Zoria's Scrying Eye.
    • Zoria and her servants constantly watch over you, attempting to bring misfortune and bad luck whenever they can. the chance to find loot is reduced by 20% and Magic Find form gear is reduced to zero.
    • Wearing the Mind Shielding Helm grants you immunity to Zoria's Scrying Eye - costs 275 Blight Medallions.
  • The zone is scaled to the player level.
  • You receive Blight Medallion when killing the bounties.
  • Certain quests: Promotion quests, at each of the Emissaries: Lilly Blackwood, Herbert Gallows, Myra Soulsong and Stickle Ashar are only available when you reach a certain level of reputation with each faction.


Main Town
At the Bay


Main Quests
Side Quests
Repeatable Quests





Crafting Stations

  • None

Gather Nodes

  • None