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Blessed Water
Level 45
Type Side quest
Location The Depths

Blessed Water is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Arquin needs me to get him some special water so he can cast a spell of protection on me.




  • I need to get water from the base of the waterfall in the depths fields. I can probably just jump in to get some.


  • 28 silver
  • 19,6 XP
  • Uncommon Trinket


  • He gives you a vial that you need to fill with Blessed Water, at the bottom of the waterfall (behind the pink bushes).
    • Leave the village by walking over the 5 pink dots (you reach the top of a staircase), run down the stairs, turn yourself right and run up and then down the stairs, turn yourself right, run down the stairs, turn yourself left and run to the middle of the bridge.
    • Turn yourself right, and jump of the bridge onto the one below you and keep running over the bridge till you reach the beach.
    • Keep running straight on the beach till you reach the pink bushes.
    • Either go straight into them (careful monsters) or run along the sides left or right from the bushes till you reach the end of them. Then you'll see the waterfall, just jump into the water, your bottle will be automatically filled.
  • Return with the vial to Arquin (remember= still wear The Pendant from the Depths necklace) to end the quest and to receive your reward.
    • From this point every NPC in the village will talk to you.

Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)


Arquin: "Have you collected the water yet?"

You "Here is the water."

Arquin: "Thank goodness, just in time. I'll just take this and cast this and... there you go! You are protected!"

You lost 1x Blessed Water Vial.

Gained 19.6k Elder experience!

You "I don't feel any different."

Arquin: "That is the trick to it. Both the Azar curse and the protection against it have no feeling to them. That is how we are able to avoid detection here in the depths. A side benefit is that you can now speak to any of us, and you do not need the pendant anymore!"