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Blackfury Gorge

Blackfury Gorge
Type Mountain
Level Range 65
Location Pyrron

Blackfury Gorge is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

After months of campaigning, the Leaders of the Eastern Realms along with the help of Adaria, only daughter of Queen Eleria, have pushed Pyrrus' forces here to Blackfury Gorge. With the Stone Lord's back against a wall, his armies grow fierce, and a call has been sent to all adventurers: Rise up! Defend the Realms!

Extra Info

  • In this region, the mobs are scaled up whenever the char level is maxed.
  • With Starfall Patch, this region is temporarily only a normal level 65 zone and the Kingsport portal has disappeared.




(those keys you get from Pinbone in Sapphira's Lament = Gold for Goblins)




Crafting Stations

  • None

Gather Nodes

  • None