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Bevyn's Coille

Bevyn's Coille
Type Mainland
Level Range 75-77
Location Journey To Sunkentooth

Bevyn's Coille is a Zone in Villagers & Heroes.

This glimmering woodland and home to the jaunty Spriggans where magic abounds, is both tranquil and terrifying, for the ominous presence of Bevyn The Abominable lingers always.

Extra Info

This region is only reachable when you acquire the Key to the North.

Before you are even get this key, you have to have finished quite a few main quests:

The start is The Beginning Of The End which requires you to finish the following quests: Second Sight, Meds for Mutants, Family Records, The History of Pyrrus: Part 1 & The History of Pyrrus: Part 2, Arcane Ascension.

Also kill Lord Pyrrus.

All the above leads to the next quest: Benefactor of the Shard which will finally give you the Key to the North.



Main Quests
Repeatable Quests





Crafting Stations

  • None

Gather Nodes

Extra Info

  • Abdelar's Lair, F5
  • Bevyn's Altar, grid intersection C4-D5
  • Carcass Tree, C4
  • Decrepit Ruins, D5
  • Dunes of the Dead, D4
  • Eastern Spriggan Outpost, E5
  • Fussy's Trinkets and More, E6
  • Gateway of War, C1
  • Lampkin Village, E2
  • Mire of Shame, D7
  • NorthernSPriggan Outpost, C3
  • Rasmus' Hut, F4
  • Renata's Camp, E4
  • Rootstone Cavern, C6
  • Rotted Pier, D4
  • Southern Spriggan Outpost, D6
  • Statue of the Dark Prince, grid intersection D3-E4
  • Western Spriggan Outpost, C4
  • Strange mound, under a tree next to Lancedarter at D6, you can loot a Eucalyptus Galla Seed regularly here.
  • Old Chest, inside the tent behind Willoa and Dradas at E/F2, you can loot a Manna Cordial regularly here.
  • Loose rock, near portal to Aberdeen Caves at B6, you can loot 5 Mote of Yorick regularly here.
  • Underwater snag, near the Armored Carp School nodes at C2, you can loot 6 Flashy Fishing Lure and 6 Fishing Lure regularly here.
  • Loose sand, at the Carcass Tree at C4, you can loot a full health here.