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Type Reinforcement

Berserk can be any of the following in Villagers & Heroes:

Berserk as a Rune[]

After taking damage 30 separate times, you gain increased ability power for 30 seconds.


  • Berserk can be found on Armor, Belts, Gloves, and Helms.

Berserk as a Stat[]

When Berserk is in effect, it boosts your Ability Power by a certain percentage (Min = 0%; Max = 20%). Berserk is important for any class that is going to be taking hits, whether in solo play or as a tank in group play.


  • Berserk can be found either as a native stat or as a reinforcement rune. Berserk can be found on Armor, Belts, Gloves, Helms, and Rings.


  • Berserk stacks additively with anything else that boosts Ability Power, such as Poise, Flux, or Masteries.
  • The 30 stacks needed to trigger Berserk need not be from a single enemy or even a single battle. You can easily gain stacks of Berserk in groups of enemies or from any ability that deals Damage Over Time. Note, however, that you MUST take damage in order for Berserk to work. Invulnerability, Shielding, and dodging/blocking attacks all negate Berserk stacks. All of these can make balancing defense and offense tricky with tanks, especially the Lightning Warrior.
  • You can gain stacks of Berserk while under the influence of Water Shield because you take the damage BEFORE the heal.
  • At level 16, Zikiti's Instincts will grant the stat breaker Zikiti's Wrath, which increases the maximum Ability Power bonus of Berserk by 1% per relic level.