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Benthe of the Coterie
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

Benthe of the Coterie is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Cadmus and I are embarking on a search to learn what it was the brought about the blights. He suggests finding and speaking with a group of creatures called the Coterie. He knows of one that lives on the Scarlet Isle, Benthe .


  • Becomes available when you have opened up all the islands



  • Find and speak with Benthe of the Coterie on the Scarlet Isle.


  • 74 silver
  • 75k XP



Cadmus: "Why are you walking around with your mouth slightly agape like that? It's off putting."

You "It's how I look when I'm puzzled. I want to learn more about the history of the Blighted Isles. Can you help?"

Cadmus: "If you close your mouth I can. That's better. Well, for starters, I can tell you that these islands were not always blighted as they are now, nor were the inhabitants so depraved and wretched. There was a time, when the Isles were blessed with abundance and prosperity. And the people who dwelled here were kind and decent folk."

You "So what happened? Was it Mallok? I bet it was Mallok who blighted everything!"

Cadmus: "Wrong. In fact, after Mallok devastated the world, these islands alone remained intact and beautiful in the midst of the chaos, quite immune to Mallok's wrath. The Isles continued to flourish during the Shadow Years. Mallok himself was bewildered." You "That guy? Bewildered? Oh, I doubt that very much!"

Cadmus: "It's quite true. So Mallok came to visit the Isles, to learn the secret of their invulnerability to his magics. Just what he discovered, I cannot say. I know only that it pleased him, and he was content to let the Isles be. He departed, but instructed Queen Zoria to keep watch over the Isles for him. It is said that her distant eye lingers here still."

You "I need to know more! What did Mallok discover? How did the Isles become blighted?"

Cadmus : "There are some ancient spirits who still dwell here. They are known as the Coterie. They are... well... you'll see. If you can find them, perhaps they can help you. I should like to know the answers as well. Speak with all of the members of the Coterie, then return to me and I shall reward you. I do not know their names, but for Benthe, who dwells on Scarlet Isle. Begin with her."

Benthe : "Why have you sought me out? And why do you stare so intently at one so old and decrepit whose mind shall soon unravel? I have nothing for you, but forgetful gibberish." You "I'll take gibberish."

Benthe: "Then why have you come?"

Gained 75k experience!

You "Well first of all, what are you?"

Benthe: "I am of the Coterie, a spirit lost in time. Some spirits linger eternally, however some like myself slowly unravel. Eventually I'll be gone, but for now I remain."

You "I want to know how the Isles came to be blighted. Can you help?"

Benthe: "I know that tale... it started with the lad. The boy with the boat. No, that's not right. Or is it? What was his name, and where was he escaping from. Oh, my poor thoughts. Unraveled. A strong cup of Scarlet Mead might help me to collect them. Would you mind fetching me a bottle?"

You "Because alcohol always helps gather my thoughts, too. But, sure. Where is it?"

Benthe: "It floated out to sea, but should be close by. I hope you can swim.

Continued in: Battle in a Haystack.