Benefactor of the Shard

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Benefactor of the Shard
Level 75
Type Main quest
Location Knockroe Village

Benefactor of the Shard is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Sapphira has asked me to watch over the Shard of Henosis, she has told me that it is in the Aberdeen Caves far to the North, and I should find it and keep it safe.




  • Head North to the Aberdeen Caves.
  • Find where Sapphira hid the Shard of Henosis.
  • Make your way to the Henosis chest, and recover the Shard of Henosis.
  • Read the Slime Covered Note.
  • The note is grave news indeed; I need to return and tell Sapphira at once.


  • 54 silver
  • 1,2m XP
  • Key to the North
  • Uncommon Wizard Necklace (different depending on the played class)


Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Benefactress - picking up the quest

"But there is one last task to be done, if you would have it."

You "Of course!"

"I am needed here, helping the Brindles and beginning the healing of these caverns. It is at last time for me to pass the torch that is the safekeeping of the Shard of Henosis."

You "I am honored that you would entrust so valuable a thing into my safe keeping."

"It is hidden in the Aberdeen Caves, far to the north. Go there, find it, and move it to a new location, where it will always remain safe."

You "I will do this."

"Thank you, <player_name>. For everything."

Strange Statue

"You... are here... because of Sapphira..."

1 You "Yes, I need to get to the Shard of Henosis." (You are teleported a hidden area.)

1 You "[Leave the statue]"

"[Nothing happens]"

The Benefactress - turning in the quest

You "Sapphira! It is terrible! The Shard of Henosis has been stolen by Sarissa!"

"Vile Sarissa lives? And discovered the location? No! How can this be so?"

You "The shard of Henosis was gone when I arrived. In its place, I found one of Sarissa's scales, and a note. She writes that she has taken the Shard into Sunkentooth."

"Then she plans to raise Mallok, and attempt to succeed where Pyrrus failed. This is dire news, for what should have been a celebratory day."

You "What should we do?"

"There is little that can be accomplished now. I must stay here, and aid the Brindles. Sunkentooth lies in the far expanses of this realm. There are few left who know the route. We must bide our time."

You "So we just sit around and wait and do nothing? NO! I don't accept that!"

"There is no shame in using time to learn about one's enemy. You must arm yourself with knowledge. About Sarissa, about her past, and about the past of the true corruptor, evil Mallok. And we have already learned a valuable clue about Sarissa."

You "What's that?"

"She is weak. If she were at full strength, she wouldn't be slithering around in shadows, unseen. No, she lacks both strength and armies, and has only her indomitable nature and an object of great power, one that she perhaps does not fully understand the implications of."

You "Ah, she doesn't know how to raise Mallok."

"But she will, in time. So we must be equally prepared, and start directing our thoughts towards the North, and to an unknown land. When the time is right, we shall march upon Sunkentooth."

You "Then this is the end..."

"For now... yes. But <player_name>, what you have done for the Brindles, for Pyrron, for the Seven Realms, and for me... it is priceless. Take this key, it will open up a passage to the North. You will find a strange place there, small and mystical, a terrain that is a taste of the Marshes to come. This key holds certain powers, magics that later will help you in the fight against Sarissa. I entrust this key only to you, <player_name>, for only a genuine hero such as yourself, is worthy to receive its extraordinary gifts. Good luck to you, and thank you. For everything."

You lost 1x Slime Covered Scale. You lost 1x Slime Covered Note. Gained 1.2m experience!