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Bellamere Palace

Bellamere Palace
Type Dungeon
Level Range Scaled
Bellamere Palace plan

Bellamere Palace is the third of 7 raid locations. It is added at July 14th, 2020.




Elder/Boss : The Red Prince


Upon switching the lever, you will start the raid and the timer starts.

  1. Into Bellamere Palace➤A Smelly Trip➤Journey Through the Sewers.
    • ➤Destroy the Sewer Gate (appears when you are on level bronze)
    • ➤Defeat Benji (appears when you are on level )?
  2. What an Entrance! ➤Enter the Entrance Hall.
  3. Keep a Lid on It ➤Defeat Hecter and Darame
    1. You're Late!➤Choose Armory or Choose Observatory (appears when you are on level silver)
      1. Choose Armory
    2. Opening the Gate➤Pull the Armory Lever
    3. Kill Boris (appears when you are on level gold)?
      1. Choose The Observatory
    4. Kill Oscar (appears when you are on level gold)?
    5. Opening the Gate➤Pull the Observatory Lever
  4. Time to Party!➤Enter the Great Hall
  5. Party Crashers' ➤Choose Kitchen: You will have three options, either chooseChoose Odeum or Choose Cellar or Choose Parlor.
      • Cellar Choice ➤Destroy the Beer (5).
    1. ➤Defeat the Brewmaster (appears when you are on level bronze)
    2. ➤Defeat the Michel (appears when you are on level platinum)?
  6. Party Crashers' ➤Choose Kitchen: You will have two options, either choose Choose Odeum or Choose Parlor.
      • Parlor Choice ➤Defeat Sylvester
      • Odeum Choice ➤Defeat Entertainers (6) (3rd choice doesn't appear)
    1. ➤Defeat Leo (appears when you are on level silver)
  7. Troublemaker ➤Return to the Great Hall
  8. Pacekeeper ➤Defeat Gregory
  9. Professional Party Crasher ➤ Enter the Red Prince's Private Party
  10. The Red Party ➤Defeat the Blood guards (4)
    1. ➤Enter the Garden or Enter the Guest Quarters (appears when you are on level silver)
      1. Choose the Garden
    2. Ugliness Beneath the Beauty➤Defeat the House keeper (Daphne)
      1. Choose the Guest Quarters
    3. Chamber of Horrors➤Defeat Torturers (3)
  11. The Red Rain ➤Defeat the Red Prince

Extra Info[]

  • At the first levels you will only get 2 options to run at the Party Crasher. (Needs to be checked if we ever get the third choice)
  • The higher Raid Level one has:
    • More bounties will appear and will need to be killed - or -
    • More missions to end before one can move on.
  • Solo: 'Easiest' and lowest amount of mobs to kill, or 'Easier' puzzles - no matter if you are on bronze or platinum.
  • Higher groups: more difficult and more mobs, also the puzzles are complexer - no matter if the group is on bronze or platinum.