Villagers and Heroes Wiki
Habitats Depths, Shadow Fated Areas
Affiliations Mallok, Traven Creatures / Those who come in Peace, Traven Creatures
Sapience Sapient

Azar is a race in Villagers & Heroes.

They mostly live in The Depths under the Great Sea or Shadow Fated Realms of Valuspa. They were once led there by a nameless man, most likely Mallok.

But they were deceived. They were led there without their knowledge of their surroundings, and their tongues were twisted. They formed a village into the Depths, led by Valuspa, Ceratiidae and Valsora, but sadly, Valuspa fell to the darkness of Mallok, and took down Ceratiidae with her.

Half of the Azars, left the village that night to form their own following of Mallok, led by Valuspa who with having left the Village the new leader of the village became, Valsora, and a few managed to escape.

Only known instance of an Azar having escaped the depths, is Valuna, the sister of Valuspa, who took her home in Sapphira's Lament, in the Pyrron zones, as it yet wasn't controlled by Lord Pyrrus that time. Azars can be Humans (Most Azars), Mara (Ceratiidae), Fairy (Tuatha) or countless other races.

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