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Ash Promotion
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

Ash Promotion is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Stickle Ashar, the Ash Blight Emissary, wishes to thank me for my hard work. I'll need to speak with Tulandra Lightveil to claim my reward.

Extra Info

  • After a certain number of reputation you will get a new promotion quest from Lilly Blackwood.
  • The higher reputation, she will of course give other rewards.
  • the higher reputation, Gryco Ashar will sell you other items.
  • 1st: at 54 (9 silver, 112,5kXP, Bounty Hunter's Mark)
    • change from Unknown to Familiar
    • Gryco Ashar sells you Ash Warding Boots
  • 2nd: at 93 (337,5kXP, 2 Lesser Cinder Ring Enchantment, Lesser Cinder Necklace Enchantment)
    • change from Familiar to Reliable
    • Gryco Ashar sells you a Lesser Cinder Ring Enchantment, Lesser Cinder Necklace Enchantment
  • 3rd: at 145 (27 silver, 675k XP, Primal Ash)
  • 4th: at 215 (45 silver, 1,7m XP, 250 Cinder Medallion)
    • change from Trustworthy to Highly Thought Of
  • 5th at 306 (67 silver,50 copper; 2,3m XP, Bounty Hunter's Badge)
  • 6th: at 422 (90 silver, 2,8m XP, 500 Cinder Medallion)
    • change from Held In High Esteem to Held In Great Honor
  • 7th: at 542 (3,4m XP, 2 Cinder Ring Enchantment, Cinder Necklace Enchantment)
    • change from Held In Great Honor to Renowed As A Hero


  • Achieve a reputation of 54.



  • Speak with Tulandra Lightveil to have your reputation among the people of the Ash Blight be promoted from Familiar to Reliable.


  • 9 silver
  • 112,5k XP
  • Bounty Hunter's Mark


  • Go talk to Tulandra Lightveil to claim your reward for helping out in the Ash Blight.
  • This ends the quest and you will receive your reward.
  • Gryco Ashar will now sell you Ash warding Boots to help protect against the As Blight.


You "Did you need something?"

Stickle Ashar: "Your reputation continues to improve among my people. We are grateful, and wish to reward you for your hard work."

You "That is generous, thank you!"

Stickle Ashar: "I have already spoken with Tulandra the Blight Emissary, she is now expecting you. Speak with her here in Blight Haven to claim your reward."

Tulandra Lightveil : "It is good to see you again, <Player Name>."

You "I was sent by Stickle Ashar."

Tulandra Lightveil: "My congratulations to you. You are now Familiar among the people of the Ash Blight. In addition to the fine rewards you just received, Gryco Ashar will now sell you a pair of boots to help protect against the Ash Blight."

Gained 112,5k Elder experience!

You "Bye."

Tulandra Lightveil: "Farewell."