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Ash Patrol
Level 95
Type Repeatable quest
Location Blight Bay

Ash Patrol is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Burea wants me to head to either Ash White or Cinder Strand to help in various matters concerning the creatures that live there.




  • Create an Ash Stone. I can do this by assembling Black Ash and Dusted Ash, both collected from Ash Elementals in Ash White and Cinder Strand.
  • Doubleclick on either of them to create the Ash Stone
  • Return to Burea Ashar.


  • 18 silver
  • 497k XP
  • 15 Cinder Medallion


  • This ends the quest.


Burea Ashar: : "You there! Assist me!"

You "Yes, I can help."

Burea Ashar: "Glad to hear it. For research purposes I need some Gouger Skulls. You can find Blight Gougers in either Ash White or Cinder Strand."


"You there! Assist me!"

You "Yes, I can help."

Burea Ashar:: "Glad to hear it. We are in need of an Ash Stone. Head to either Ash White or Cinder Strand. Once there collect Black Ash and Dusted Ash from the Ash Elementals. When you have enough, use them to create an Ash Stone then bring it to me."