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Articulation Restoration
Level 13
Type Main quest
Location Elk Meadow

Articulation Restoration is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I found stuttering Stavros, but unfortunately his stuttering condition didn’t work quite the way I thought. I now have a stuttering problem, which means I can’t ask about the Royal Party. However Stavros has given me the solution.




  • Collect 6 Bog Frog Gills from the Pond Frog in Addict's Ascent.
  • Collect 4 Fungi Stems from the Hill Mushroom in Addict's Ascent]].
  • Find a Jalapeno Honeypot somewhere in Addict's Ascent.
  • Return with the requested items to Stuttering Stavros.


  • 5 silver, 60 copper
  • 22,4k XP
  • Uncommon Wizard Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • So, go through the portal to Addict's Ascent.
    • Bog Frog Gills: keep killing the Pond Frog (they live in the water) until you have enough of them.
    • Fungi Stems: keep killing the Hill Mushroom until you have enough of them.
    • Jalapeno Honeypot: at B/C6 run from the portal southeast to D7 and then run to B7, go under the waterfall where you will find a 'Water Logged Chest' next to a skeleton. Open the chest and take the Jalapeno Honeypot.
    • Or run from tele pad westwards to B7.
  • Return to Stuttering Stavros and give him all the items you collected. He’ll tell you to drink the serum he made and then tells you about the Royal Party.
  • He tells you that they were on their way to Lady’ Lake. He gives you the follow up quest: On The Trail, To Lady’s Lake!.


Stavros: "Dare I hope you will now end my affliction?"

You "Yuh-yuh-yuh-yes! Huh-huh-here!"

Stavros: "At last! I can't thank you enough, <Player Name>! I shall be of any assistance that I can to you. Once you drink this serum."

You lost 6x Bog Frog Gill.

You lost 4x Fungi Stem.

You lost 1x Jalapeno Honeypot.

Gained 22.4k experience!

You "*drink*"

Stavros: "Now then, how do you feel?"

You "Wh-wh-wh-what? Kidding! I'm all better now."

Stavros: "Excellent!"

You "Stavros, I need to know if you saw, or spoke to, a royal party made up of five individuals recently. Two guards, two wizards, and a young woman?"

Stavros: "Indeed, I did! They were in a rather sorry state, seemed quite out of their heads actually. When they weren't clawing at each other and screaming all manner of insults at one another, they took to drooling."

You "Sorry? Did you just say drooling?"

Stavros: "Indeed. It was a rather grotesque sight. Voluminous amounts of spittle just slowly seeped continuously from their slightly agape mouths. And of course when they spoke to me, given my condition at that time, the resulting stutters it produced in them caused their voluminous spittle to fly rather quickly in my direction, which I did not care for."

You "This is all so strange! Stavros, why did they want to talk to you, and how were they able to, given the stuttering issues it caused in them?"

Stavros: "One of them handed me a note. On the top of it, was scrawled the word, 'Dardanius,' which I confess is not a word that I am familiar with. The rest of the message was quite comprehensible, though. The note informed me that an old wrong would soon be righted with my help. I love being helpful, so of course I promptly handed over my Eludian Powder, and off they went!"

You "What exactly is Eludian Powder?"

Stavros: "Eludian Powder, when mixed with three drops of Lychee juice, and one hair off a Gouger hairball, produces an Eludian Key of course. Eludian Keys are powerful magical entities, and can unlock all restrictive enchantments placed upon any object."

You "Interesting. And did you perhaps see where they were going next?"

Stavros: "I imagine to Lady's Lake since they already had quite the collection of Lychees. I suggest conversing with Rafferty. Though sometimes he can be hard to find. Actually maybe you should talk to that little girl Nadia. Sometimes Rafferty pays her a few silver to direct travelers to his next 'Big Speech.'"

You "Thank you."

Stavros: "So long, <Player Name>!"

Continued in: On The Trail, To Lady’s Lake!.