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An Empathic Servant
Level 30
Type Main quest
Location The Cathedral

An Empathic Servant is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Felisa let slip that a woman named Savina might be able to help me save the poor sprite, Mercer. I should find her, but maybe after I read Mercer's Journal first.




  • Find Savina in the Cathedral .
  • Collect some Living Soul Fire from the Burning Chantry within the Cathedral.
  • Collect some Reanimation Powder from Chalmers the Animator in the Racking Vestry within the Cathedral.
  • Return to Savina in the Cathedral.


  • 16 silver
  • 14,4k XP



Savina: "Why are they all so keen to sacrifice themselves to her? Though, I can tell by the look of you that you're a stranger here, so why have you come?"

You "I want to rescue the sprite, Mercer, who was Queen Fiona's closest companion."

Savina: "Oh, dear me, at last! I've kept myself hidden here for a long time now, doing what I can for poor Mercer. I was one of Queen Fiona's attendants, you see, and knew him well. But I'm elderly and haven't the strength or might to liberate him. But together, we could! I have a plan."

You "Tell me!"

Savina: "Mercer is in a locked cell in the Western Bastille. The key for his cell is held by Myron, the guard, who ty##!#lly lurks around near the Eastern Bastille." You "That seems pretty straight forward."

Savina: "That is the easy part..."

You "What is the hard part?"

Savina: "Getting Mercer out of here. A flying green Sprite is fairly obvious, not to mention everyone knows who he is. But I have a plan for this as well. During my time as Queen Fiona's attendant, Samuel taught me how to make a few different types of elixirs."

You "Which type will help us now?"

Savina: "A Momentary Zombifying Elixir. It will change Mercer to look like a zombie. Once changed, he should be able to walk right out of the Cathedral without a second glance. But we need some ingredients first."

You "Sounds great. How can I help?"

Savina: "I have most everything we need except for some Living Soul Fire and some Reanimation Powder. The Living Soul Fire can be found in the Burning Chantry. The Reanimation Powder is carried by Chalmers the Animator."

You "I'll collect these items and return."

Savina: "Best of speed to you, <Player Name>!"

Savina: "You're back already, and you found the Living Soul Fire and the Reanimation Powder!" You "Yes, here they are."

Savina: "Fortunately, all I need to do is add these to the solution I already have mixed up, so the elixir is ready!"

You lost 1x Reanimation Powder. You lost 1x Living Soul Fire. Gained 14.4k experience!

You "So we can put our plan into action?"

Savina: "Indeed. Though, there is one more thing, if you wouldn't mind?"

You "What's that?"

Savina: "In a cell near Mercer is a poor Razorback named Thierry. He came here searching for his wife, and has been locked up and tortured ever since. Our elixir has enough for two doses, and since you'll already have the key..."

You "I may as well save him, too!" Savina: "Precisely! Now all we need is a safe, nearby location for everyone to meet. Do you have any ideas?"

You "I know just the place. In Sailor's End, there is an entrance to a hideout. It is safe."

Savina: "Perfect, we can all rendezvous there. Now here is the elixir. Head to the the Eastern Bastille, get the cell key, then free Mercer and Thierry."

You received Momentary Zombifying Elixir!

Continued in:Rescuing the Royal Sprite.