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An Audience with Cloten
Level 79
Type Main quest
Location The Rye

An Audience with Cloten is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I’m finally about to meet the leader of the Rolumbites! Cranmer says that Cloten wants me to assist him with the blessing of his Ceremonial Robe, which is what Cloten will be wearing for the Ritual of the Moon. I need to get that map he has! Cloten is waiting for me on his farm.




  • Find Cloten the Wise at his southern Rolumbo Farm.
  • Give Gibraltar the jar.
  • Return to Cranmer.


  • 58 silver
  • 120k XP
  • Uncommon Wizard Glove (different depending on the played class)


  • Cloten is expecting me, he is at the southern Rolumbo Farm. E5/6
  • Talk to him= end quest
  • Keep talking to him the follow up quest: Spriggan In Peril.


Cloten: "This will be the finest Ritual of the Moon yet!"

You "It sure-- wait is that..."

Cloten: "We've never sacrificed a Spriggan before! But as luck would have it, we caught this little one scouting for her naysayer friends. Now she'll be our offering to the Rolumbo Deity! This will be thrilling!"

Gained 120k experience!

You "That's... Tamora! Why is she kneeled over like that?"

Cloten: "She Who Will Be Sacrificed has been given a paralysis serum of course. Only the Bark of Midril can wake her. But she'll be dead before then. Now enough chatter! I require you to fetch me the fragrant powder needed for my ceremonial robe. Do it now!"

You "Gah. Okay."

Cloten: "My former attendant, Violenta, has grown rather arthritic and senile in her old age, and cannot perform her duties as once she could. But she knows the specific powder I crave."

Continued in: Spriggan In Peril.