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All Is Revealed
Level 25
Type Main quest
Location Forever Tree

All Is Revealed is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Samuel has realized that there is a magical connection between me and the shrouded woman. He thinks we can stop her.




  • Retrieve Samuel’s herb pouch from his tent.
  • Talk to Nadia.
  • Talk to Samuel.
  • Talk to the image of Grubella.
  • Talk to Grubella and defeat her.
  • Return to Dagvard.


  • 13 silver
  • 49k XP
  • Uncommon Priests Boots (different depending on the played class)


  • Turn around, and look in the ‘Samuel’s Belongings’ crate, just in front of the little tent and take out the Samuel’s Herb Pouch.
  • Talk to Nadia, in the pouch was a black rose she got every year.
  • Talk to Samuel again and then an Image of Grubella appears.
  • Talk to Samuel again, and ask him what that image is. He tells you that she is the one who killed Cressida and rescued JM. He also tells you to return to Dagvard in the Ardent Castle once you dealt with Grubella(2,624HP).
  • Talk to the image, it immediately warps you to Grubella’s lair. Talk to her again and then kill her.
  • Go to Ardent Castle and update Dagvard of all the recent events. This ends the quest.
  • But keep talking to him, he says don’t even mention Grubella’s name and gives you the follow-up quest: Renovations.