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A Young Boy’s Cry
Level 20
Type Main quest
Location Southern Marsh

A Young Boy’s Cry is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

There was a young boy mentioned in the Hedvika Ballad, but since he was never much part of the ballad, not much is known of him. Drina suggests that I head to the mountain that Leo brought down was in Sailor’s End. Not too many folks live there anymore, but I might find one or two who still do.




  • Find someone in Sailor’s End who remembers the avalanche caused by King Leo.
  • Search around the rubble on the sea island in Sailor's End.I might have to find a way to get up on top of the ridge.
  • Head into the underground chamber.
  • Kill eight Mausoleum Spiders in order to clear them out.
  • After killing the spiders, three strange glowing orbs appeared. Start by investigating the blue one.
  • Investigating the green one.
  • Investigating the purple one.
  • Return to Firwirth.
  • Defeat the attacking Black Thrush.
  • Return to Dagvard in Ardent Castle and update him on recent events.


  • 9 silver, 80 copper
  • 64,4k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • Drina tells you to go to Sailors End and talk to Cloto F6. Ask him about the avalanche the boy’s cry. He tells you the find the stairs he crafted.
  • He tells you to search around the rubble on the sea island C4.
  • The easiest way to get to spot where you have to jump, in Sailor's End:
    • Go back to the landing pad, from here: jump down, run under the bridge and climb up the ramp - so there is NO need to leave the region.

image from Neia image from Neia (images from Neia)

  • Follow the path into a dungeon and talk to Firwirth. His job was to keep the burial chamber pristine but it has overrun with some ugly spiders. Kill them and he’ll tell you who his master is.
  • Kill 8 Mausoleum Spiders and immediately 3 Spirit Message Orbs pop up aka a blue, purple and green one. Talk to each of them to hear each part of their story. You find out the master’s initials are JM.
  • Return to Firwirth and talk to him, defeat the 3 Black Thrush Attackers who pop up when you are finished talking to Firwirth. He also disappears.
  • Return to Dagvard in the Ardent Castle F6 and update him on all the recent events.
  • Finally the end of the quest but keep talking to him to get the follow-up quest: Dealing With Zombies.