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A View of the Past
Level 94
Type Main quest
Location Dusk Twins

A View of the Past is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Jurriaan has lent me his Pocket Watch. With it I can view the events that happened at the campsite in Shadenor.




  • Charge Jurriaans's Pocket Watch. Shadenor Essence can be found from any crature in the Shade Blight, as well as when gathering.
  • Return to Jurriaan and tell him all that you saw at the Shadenor campsite.


  • 73 silver
  • 4,2m XP
  • Rare Mace (might be different depending on the played class)



You received Jurriaan's Depleted Pocket Watch

Jurriaan Lightveil : "Did it work? Did you see into the past?"

You "Aye, I've seen it all."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Alright, let me hear it. But tell it to me in the way it actually happened, not backwards as you watched it."

Gained 4,2m experience!

You "Okay. Well, it started with some henchmen of Theobald setting up camp."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "As we suspected, go on."

You "They brought gear, stacked firewood, and later were joined by some sort of caster, a wizard or necromancer of sorts."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "That can't be good. Theobald has a lot of evil magic users under his employ. Go on."

You "They had with them a large stack of papers, probably brought by the caster. As soon as the caster arrived, he cast a spell and made the fire turn silver and purple."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Silver and purple. Uh oh, that isn't good. I sure hope it isn't what I think it is..."

You "The guul then began feeding the fire from a large stack of papers, what those papers were I'm not sure."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Oh no... I think I know... keep going."

You "That is pretty much it, after the papers were burned, the fire returned to normal and the group slowly dispersed."

Jurriaan Leightveil: "Oh, <Player Name>. This is dreadful. What you describe can only be one thing, a Preserving Hearth spell."

You "A Preserving Hearth spell?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "It is a dark ritual that is used to permanently turn objects invisible. It involves inscribing the precise location of an object in a massive written incantation, filled with hexes and curses. A special spell is then cast on an ordinary fire, turning it silver and purple."

You "Yea, that sounds like exactly what I saw..."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "The inscribed pages are then fed to the fire one at a time, while the caster holds concentration on the spell. When finished, the fire turns back to normal and the spell is complete."

You "And the object?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Gone, forever. No one except the caster is able to find it again. And just what do you suppose could be so valuable that Theobald would go through this sort of trouble for?"

You "The Thistle of Larr..."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Precisely... The thistle is locked away, hidden forever. I'm sorry, <Player Name>, but he won. This time Theobald won."

You "Surely there must be a way, there is always a way--"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "--I'm sorry, <Player Name>. Maybe for you out there in the world you always win. But in the Shade Blight, evil often prevails. The Thistle is beyond our reach. We made a go for it, but we've failed."

You "Oh, there is one more detail I forgot to mention."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Really? What was it?"

You "A ghostly spectral horse. I couldn't tell if it was with Theobald's men or not, but it was there almost the entire time they were, even long after."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "By the gods! Are you serious? Tell me, what did it look like? Tell me, quickly!"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "By the gods! Are you serious? Tell me, what did it look like? Tell me, quickly!"

You "It was ghostly, made of magic. And large, very large, probably three times larger than a typical horse. Theobald's men seemed to not even notice it, in fact at one point it looked to be standing in the fire, unscathed."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Goodness me, it's true. Tianma. She lives, she has returned!" You "Tianma?"

Jurriaan Leightveil: "Tianma, the Wild Shadenor Stallion. She was a legend back in the height of Shadenor. Always near, but never close she was. By simply catching a glimpse of her meant good luck for a year. She was similar to what many cultures think of as a Unicorn, wholly good, powerful, and wild."

You "What happened to her?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "There was a young girl by the name of Delihna. She was an orphan from birth and grew up on the streets of Shadenor. She stole away in a wizards tower one winter where she happened into some illegal spell books. In an attempt to to change her fortune, she tried to cast a spell. The spell was way beyond her ability, which backfired and opened a demonic portal."

You "Go on."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "The first demon through seized Delihna and possessed her. For a week the demon tormented the girl, throwing violent fits of anger and causing self inflicted wounds. No one knew what to do, until Tianma arrived."

You "Go on."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "It was like out of a dream, the stallion that was so wild and evasive simply walked through the streets as if it belonged. It walked straight up to Delihna, where it struck a pact with the demon. A life for a life.

You "Go on."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Delihna was set free, but at the cost of Tianma's life. Our people grieved for months, even vowing to purge ourselves of all spells relating to the demons. But it was all for not, Tianma was dead."

You "So then how did I see her?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "That's just it! You seeing her means that she has returned! She has been reborn, awoken... something! Whatever it is, she is back! And it looks like she watched the entire Preserving Hearth spell."

You "So she can help me break the spell?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Break it? Hah, no need. You see, Tianma transcends mortal magic. I wouldn't be surprised if she knows where the Thistle of Larr is, and can see it in plain site."

You "So what must we do?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "We must prepare an offering for Tianma. A gift of great bounty. Once presented to her on the altar in Shadenor, perhaps she will show you the way to the Thistle of Larr."

You received Offering Wrap!

Continued in: The Blessings of Tianma.