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A Theater Affair
Level 2
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

A Theater Affair is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Hilda has asked me to get Clementine DeClancy's autograph for her. It's time to go to the theater!




  • Head into the Theater and get an autograph from the famouse actress, Clementine DeClancy.
  • Clementine vanished, right before my eyes! And everyone in the theater saw you talking angrily with Clementine. Talk to Constable Dugan at once to clear your name!
  • Dugan wants me to find the note that Hugo mentioned. The note will be somewhere in the back tunnels of the theater prop stage.
  • He also wants me to talk to Clementine's fiancé, Hugo, and see if he knows anything about the vanishing.
  • Return to Constable Dugan.
  • Speak with the newly appeared apparition.
  • Speak with Constable Dugan once more.
  • Return to Hilda and give her the Autograph of Clementine DeClancy.
  • Give Constable Dugan's badge to Mayor Gummel.


  • 49 copper
  • 4375 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • Run to the theater, at the NW side of the city.
  • Talk to Clementine DeClancy F4, the famous actress and get her autograph. She annoys you and you tell her the world would be better off without her and that she should disappear which in fact she does. So talk to Constable Dugan now; to find out if he knows more about this disappearance.
  • Talk to Hugo, Clementine's fiance, he is standing behind the theater curtains.
  • Enter the Theater Prop Stage. In the 3rd room there is a chest which contains the Archaic Symbol Note. Return it immediately to the Constable and he'll tell you that more people have disappeared.
  • Show him the note, a Mysterious Apparition appears and it will tell you its demands before it will release Clementine.
  • Talk to Constable Dugan one more time and he'll give you his Badge of the Constable, to give to Mayor Gummel.
  • Bring the Autograph of Clementine DeClancy to Hilda and tell her about Clementine's vanishing.
  • And finally to Mayor Gummel (stands next to Hilda) and give him the Badge of the Constable. This ends the quest, you will be rewarded.
  • Keep talking to the Mayor and she'll give you What Does Eugenio Know? quest.


You "Hey, what was that noise? Sounded like cheering."

Hilda: "Clementine DeClancy must be giving autographs! I heard she wears gowns made entirely of rubies! Oh, I'd do anything for her autograph!"

You "I happen to be going to the theater. Maybe I could help you out."

Hilda: "Oh, yes, please, <Player Name>! Please get me Clementine's autograph!" You "Sure, why not."

Hilda: "Fantastic! I would be so grateful if you did!"

Clementine DeClancy: "Daaaahling, how do you do? I always make a point to mingle with the commoners before a show. It lends such an air of gravitas to my performances, to be among the filthy and the vulgar, and to hear of their struggles. Now then. You may begin."

You "Begin what?"

Clementine DeClancy: "Why to lavish me with compliments of course. Proceed! Oh, dear. A simpleton. Well, I've always been known for my compassion to the feeble minded." You "Hey! Who are you calling feeble minded? Or filthy and vulgar!"

Clementine DeClancy: "Poor, poor <Player Name>. I haven't a yo-yo to offer you, but I'd be happy to give you an autograph. Would. You. Like. An. Ah-toe-graph?"

You "Why, you...grrr. Yes. But it isn't for me!"

Clementine DeClancy: "Here you are. Now you may resume your pathetic adoration of me..."

You received Clementine DeClancy's Autograph! You lost 1x Summer's Theater Ticket.

You "Awful woman! I wish people like you would just disappear forever!"

Clementine DeClancy: "I beg your pardon? WHAT did you just say to me, you filthy little ant?"

You "I said it would be better for everyone if you just vanished completely!"

Clementine DeClancy: "What's happening to me? I strange. What are you doing to me, <Player Name>?"

You "Huh? I'm not doing anything to you!"

Clementine DeClancy: "Ah!"

Dugan: "This is terrible! What has happened to Clementine DeClancy?" You "I don't know, but I didn't do it! She just poofed!"

Dugan: "Poofed. Yes, I saw it all from here."

You "What should we do?"

Dugan: "We have to get to the bottom of this! Hugo, backstage, said something about finding a strange note written in bloody archaic symbols, just before Clementine vanished. It might be a clue!"

You "Indeed! Who's Hugo?"

Dugan: "Clementine's fiance."

You "Yikes, who'd want to marry her? Er, I mean I'll go talk to him!"

Dugan: "Good! Interview Hugo, while I take more witness statements here."

You "I'm on it!"

Dugan: "Thank you, <Player Name>!"

Hugo: "The pain is unbearable! I'm in agony! My angel is gone, vanished! My sweet Clementine! My delicate little fawn, so shy and--"

You "Delicate little fawn? Have you met her?"

Hugo: "I beg your pardon?"

You "Nothing. Tell me about the strange note you found."

Hugo: "Bah, I don't care, I don't care about anything anymore! What is life without my sweet Clementine? We're all doomed. The dark spell that took my beloved will soon take everyone in this town!"

You "What a big help you are."

Hugo: "She's gone! Gone!"

You looted Archaic Symboled Note!

Dugan: "Oh, blimey! More people have vanished! Right before my eyes! What the devil is going on around here?"

You "More people have vanished?"

Dugan: "Yes! You were too slow!"

You "Well, I found the note, maybe it will tell us something."

Dugan: "All right, hand it here."

You "What does it say? Read it aloud!"

Dugan: "It says--"

Shadowy Apparition: "Listen All!"

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "I bring a message from my master, one who has lived among you for years..."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "The time of peace and revelry has come to an end... the Shadow Years are once again upon you."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "Your precious Clementine has been cursed. She now dwells in a place of darkness... and she will remain there until my master's demands are met."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "The criminal known as Tarquin is to be released from Gallyfern prison."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "There must also be a relighting of the Torches of Mallok in the Valley of Oblivion... a signal to the beasts of the world that the shadow years have returned."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "Clementine was only the beginning, no one is safe. Until you comply, the residents of Summer's Hollow will vanish, one by one."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "My master bids you make haste, and leaves you a name to fear and tremble..."

You "Continue..."

Shadowy Apparition: "...The Malicious Miscreant."

You "[Step Away]"


Dugan: "Bad, bad bad! I'm not ready for this! I took this job because Summer's Hollow is supposed to be peaceful!"

You "This is terrible!"

Dugan: "Who is this Malicious Miscreant?"

You "How would I know? And where is Gallyfern Prison?"

Dugan: "Well, how would I know? I've heard the name Tarquin before, but everyone knows that he's dead. We're doomed!"

You "You are not inspiring much confidence, Constable."

Dugan: "We must tell the mayor what's happened! Shamantester, go see Mayor Gummel near the Town Hall. Give her my badge. She will know what it means. Will you?"

You received Constable's Badge!

You "Definitely."

Dugan: "Good luck!"

Hilda: "Tell me it isn't so! Is beautiful Clementine really gone?"

You "It's true. A dark vanishing spell has been placed on Clementine DeClancy."

Hilda: "Please tell me you got her autograph first?"

You "I did get her autograph, here it is."

Hilda: "Oh, WHY? WHY? Why are the beautiful and the famous always doomed to tragedy? Now leave me, so I can frame this autograph and weep."

You "Okay, stay safe!"

Hilda: "Why, oh why?"

You lost 1x Clementine DeClancy's Autograph.

Mayor Gummel: "It's shameful! That's what it is! My no good son, Hugo! Sobbing away uselessly! Well, thankfully, Constable Dugan is on the job."

You "Constable Dugan told me to give you this badge."

"WHAT! Why, that worthless coward! This means Constable Dugan has just resigned! Our town is in peril! We need a brave hero to step up and defeat the Malicious Miscreant."

You lost 1x Constable's Badge. You lost 1x Archaic Symboled Note. Gained 4375 experience!