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A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 5
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 5 is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kahn has asked for my help in reclaiming the fourth chapter of ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’.




  • Assemble the fifth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters. I can do this by finding all 4 missing pages and combining them together.
  • Double click on the 5th Chapter 3 Missing Pages.
  • Return to Kahn with the fifth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters.


  • 2 gold, 25 silver
  • 179k XP



Kahn: "I vowed never to return to these rotten Isles, but my Shaman heritage has compelled me."

You "I have the fifth chapter."

Kahn: "Penn's fingers brushed against something soft, and she knew she'd found it. She pulled their mother's small pouch from the dirt. The fabric, in hues of beautiful honeyed ambers and rich blues, was strangely unblemished even after so many years in the ground, as if the earth had kept it safe for them. Penn slowly rose. That feeling inside of her, of quaking and rumbling, had yet to subside and she felt ever more charged with a magnetic potency, which sharpened her senses."

You lost 1x A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 5.

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "An instinct told her to turn. She did, and saw an old woman far across the enclosure lying on the ground. Riona knelt over her, but seemed to sense Penn's gaze, for she looked up. The two sisters locked eyes, and in the same intuitive way that Penn had known to dig up their mother's pouch on this day, she knew, too, that she needed to join Riona with what she was doing."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Penn strangely felt no fear of the jailers as she walked purposefully towards her sister, whose eyes still held hers, locked in a mutual understanding. For Penn was filled with the unmistakable certainty that something was about to change forever, and she knew that Riona felt it, too."

You "Can I help you find another chapter?"

Kahn: "The next chapter is the sixth chapter, which contains 5 pages. Find the pages, assemble the chapter, then return to it to me."

Continued in: A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 6.