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A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 26
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 26 is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kahn has asked for my help in reclaiming the twenty-sixth chapter of ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’.




  • Assemble the twenty-sixth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters. I can do this by finding all 4 missing pages and combining them together.
  • Double click on the 26th Chapter 4 Missing Pages.
  • Return to Kahn with the twenty-sixth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters.


  • 16 gold, 20 silver
  • 336k XP



Kahn: "I vowed never to return to these rotten Isles, but my Shaman heritage has compelled me."

You "I have the twenty-sixth chapter."

Kahn: "Riona watched as her sister, swirling her axe in her hands and firing off spells at the lunging Protectors of the Realm as if they were little more than pesky gnats in her way, strode angrily towards the pavilion. Throughout the valley, there were terrified shouts of, 'the Red Witch!' Riona remembered back to a time when such hysterical cries would have been unfounded, and wondered if Ardent knew that they were themselves responsible for having created the vengeful creature who now stormed through them."

You lost 1x A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 26.

Gained 336k experience!

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "It flared up in Riona then, a sudden burst of fury at Ardent that she should be made to have to draw her axe against her own sister. And when the flash of rage had passed, Riona stepped out in front of the pavilion, and stood directly in Penn's path. Their eyes met. Riona was briefly startled to see her own reflection looking back at her after so many years. And as she unwillingly drew her axe, Riona now desperately wished that she could take every single one of those five years without her sister back." You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Penn did not want to fight her sister. She just wanted Riona to step aside. Just let me have the king! Penn was screaming it in her mind, and had been over and over, ever since she had descended the hill. Unsure of where her emotions began and where they ended, and unable to lay claim to any of them, the result had been something close to a rising inner hysteria for Penn with every step she'd taken from the hill."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "The impact upon her of having been only moments away from realizing her life's ambition, of having been so close to at last being able to rid the world of the disease which had rotted the land for so long, the single goal which Penn had devoted her entire being towards and had sacrificed everything else in her life for, to have had that suddenly yanked from within her grasp, not by an enemy, but by the only person in the world she had longed to have at her side to share the moment of triumph with, had been shattering for Penn."

You "Can I help you find another chapter?"

Kahn: "The next chapter is the twenty-seventh chapter, which contains 3 pages. Find the pages, assemble the chapter, then return to it to me.

Continued in: A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 27.