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A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 21
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 21 is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kahn has asked for my help in reclaiming the twentieth chapter of ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’.




  • Assemble the twenty-first chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters. I can do this by finding all 5 missing pages and combining them together.
  • Double click on the 21th Chapter 5 Missing Pages.
  • Return to Kahn with the twenty-first chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters.


  • 14 gold
  • 342k XP



Kahn: "I vowed never to return to these rotten Isles, but my Shaman heritage has compelled me."

You "I have the twenty-first chapter."

Kahn: "She'd had the dream again, and still could not unravel its meaning. It puzzled Riona. And though the morning sun shone brightly into her cozy shelter, even its gently probing rays were of no help to her in penetrating the dark obscurity of the image in her mind. Feeling reluctant to begin her day until she had solved it, Riona suddenly realized with a start that she was alone in the little hutch, which surprised her for she was always the first to rise. Why had she slept for so long, she wondered, and then felt an odd prickly sensation that something was different about this day."

You lost 1x A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 21.

Gained 342k Elder experience!

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "But when she stepped outside, where activity pleasantly hummed all around her as people, young and old, chattering and laughing, went about their morning chores of fetching water from the spring, or chopping up firewood, whatever strange apprehensiveness Riona had felt was immediately replaced with only a gush of contentment. She did this every morning, smiled at the scene around her. Maybe it was foolish, Riona thought, but couldn't help it."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "She loved the sight of the many little hutches with their thatched roofs all nestled together in the hidden glade, enjoyed the metallic clanging of a new axe being forged and the excited squeals of pupils as they learned about its powerful magics, and, mostly, Riona cherished the sight of Shaman people living together as a family and blossoming because of it."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "In the five years which had passed, Riona had achieved her goal. She had sought out the many scattered lost souls seen in her dreams, and had united them together in a safe refuge. She had taught them much, and now they were teaching others. Riona was proud of what she had built."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Her only moments of sadness came when she thought of her sister, which she tried not to do, for it had not been easy learning how to live without her twin. She had done it, albeit clumsily and painfully as if she were having to re-learn how to walk, but there were still so many times, like right now, when Riona longed to curl up next to Penn and tell her about the strange dream she'd just had, and together they could unravel its meaning, for Riona knew her sister would have had the same dream, too."

You "Can I help you find another chapter?"

Kahn: "The next chapter is the twenty-second chapter, which contains 5 pages. Find the pages, assemble the chapter, then return to it to me.

Continued in: A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 22.