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A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 16
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 16 is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kahn has asked for my help in reclaiming the sixteenth chapter of ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’.




  • Assemble the sixteenth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters. I can do this by finding all 5 missing pages and combining them together.
  • Double click on the 16th Chapter 5 Missing Pages.
  • Return to Kahn with the sixteenth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters.


  • 9 gold, 90 silver
  • 307,5k XP



Kahn: "I vowed never to return to these rotten Isles, but my Shaman heritage has compelled me."

You "I have the sixteenth chapter."

Kahn: "Things were different now. What had at first seemed to Riona like only a minor disagreement between them, one which she had assumed would naturally resolve itself since she and Penn had always been so unified in mind in spirit, had worsened. And at a speed which frightened Riona. It had begun in recent months, when they'd finally ventured forth from their idyllic seclusion, and were faced once again with a world which hated them. They would never, Riona knew, be able to live openly and peacefully among the people of Ardent. But she saw in her mind, another life they could still forge, a good life."

You lost 1x A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 16.

Gained 307.5k experience!

You "[Continue.]"

"For her dreams now, when she slept, had changed. They showed her the faces of people, of different individuals scattered around the land, just a handful, really, who all seemed lost and uncertain, or out of place in their surroundings. And Riona knew these people were like them. But unlike she and her sister who had been blessed with the gift of sight, these adrift souls still lived in the dark, and did not know that they, too, were the descendants of Shaman."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Riona's sense of purpose was clear. She and her sister needed to find these people, their Shaman kin who shared their blood, and bring them together. She saw it in her mind so perfectly, the beautiful life they could forge. They would find another secluded haven somewhere, as they had before, one tucked away from the reaches of hate, and they would all live together as a clan, a family, like their ancestors had done before them. They would create a peaceful home where the magics of earth and water would quietly thrive and flourish, as would the Shaman people. If only, Riona thought now with rising frustration as she felt Penn shift impatiently at her side, her sister felt the same."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Penn felt restless and agitated, not from crouching in the brush for so long, but from the sight of the yellow flag which billowed imperiously atop a wooden pole in the small town below. It was sneering at her, Penn thought, and hated it. The ferocious red boar's head, snarling and cruel, with its mouth opened wide ready to devour, was the royal emblem of King Herron and seeing it now infuriated Penn."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Two years ago, the ground beneath the flag would have promptly exploded, but Penn had mastered control since then. However, it didn't make her mood any less raw, and the banging and clattering racket now being made by King Herron's faithful subjects as they merrily pounded away at wood was not improving it any. They were probably building gallows to hang more witches from, Penn darkly mused, then caught sight of her sister's expression and wanted to scream."

You "Can I help you find another chapter?"

Kahn: "The next chapter is the seventeenth chapter, which contains 4 pages. Find the pages, assemble the chapter, then return to it to me.

Continued in: A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 17.