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A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 15
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Blight Bay

A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 145is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kahn has asked for my help in reclaiming the fifteenth chapter of ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’.




  • Assemble the fifteenth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters. I can do this by finding all 4 missing pages and combining them together.
  • Double click on the 15th Chapter 4 Missing Pages.
  • Return to Kahn with the fifteenth chapter of a Tale of Two Sisters.


  • 9 gold, 90 silver
  • 307,5k XP



Kahn: "I vowed never to return to these rotten Isles, but my Shaman heritage has compelled me."

You "I have the fifteenth chapter."

Kahn: "The brush easily concealed them as they studied the small town below. But Riona had lost sight of him. For the sounds, like music, which bubbled out of the little hamlet, of tinkling hammers and whirling lathes, of pleasant laughter and friendly voices, had melodically drawn her focus away from the young man she now sought. The people were building something, she saw, and idly wondered what it was as she watched the men and women below cheerfully pounding away at timber and laying out sturdy planks of wood together. Riona felt a sharp pang of envy, and hoped her sister hadn't sensed it, for she was tired of quarreling with Penn."

You lost 1x A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 15.

Gained 304.5k experience!

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "In the two years which had passed since finding their mother's cave, Riona and Penn, like eager young students who had at last been given access to an education long denied them, had thrown themselves into the pursuit of knowledge, of unlocking the many wondrous secrets which had continuously unfolded for them upon discovering who they were. Shaman. As she thought back fondly now on that time with her sister, Riona knew it had been the happiest one of their lives. For it had been as if the rest of the world, with its loud angry voices, and violence, and the wrathful politics of King Herron, had entirely ceased to exist for them."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "She and Penn had shut themselves away from it all in secluded grottos or remote mountain hilltops, where they had devoted themselves to the thrilling exploration of the magics they possessed. They had been almost like children, shrieking in delight at every new spell which burst forth from their axes, or yelling with elation at the speed with which their bodies now moved as they swam to unreachable depths in the sea, or performed graceful acrobatics across steep canyon ridges."

You "[Continue.]"

Kahn: "Each night, they had gone to sleep tired and exhilarated. And each morning, they would awake energized with strange new insights, for their dreams, always of earth and water, seemed to be guiding them on their journey of exploration, gently revealing new secrets to them as they slept. Yes, thought Riona sadly, as she glanced at the sullen expression on her sister's face next to her, it had been a happy time for them.

You "Can I help you find another chapter?"

Kahn: "The next chapter is the sixteenth chapter, which contains 5 pages. Find the pages, assemble the chapter, then return to it to me.

Continued in: A Tale of Two Sisters, Chapter 16.