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A Queenly Gift
Level 29
Type Main quest
Location The Cathedral

A Queenly Gift is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

It appears that J.M. brought a gift to the Banshee Queen. This gift could be the clue I need. I'll need to find out more.




  • Find a woman named Felisa in the Cathedral .
  • 'Ask' Maiden Viress for her Pitch Pipes.
  • Bring the Bloody Pitch Pipes back toFelisa in the Cathedral.
  • Return to Benedicta in the Red Cloister.
  • Find Sitwell's niece Benedicta in the Red Cloister.


  • 15 silver
  • 11,5k XP
  • Uncomon Priest Necklace (different depending on the played class)



Felisa: "Oh, that the Banshee Queen would pick me! How I pray that her wondrous majesty will choose me to torture at her leisure! I long to offer my music and my blood to the great Banshee Queen!"

You "I'm trying to find out about a gift that was given to the Banshee Queen many years ago. Maybe something to do with Queen Fiona?"

Felisa: "I may know a thing or two about that. Mercer made several mentions of it in his diary." You "Mercer is the name of the Sprite you all are waiting for to die, so you can replace him? You have his diary?"

Felisa: "Indeed! And if he only would die! Actually, perhaps I can make you a deal. You kill Mercer, and I'll give you his diary."

You "No way! I mean... uh, that is something only our Queen can do."

Felisa: "Ah, you are right. Well it was worth a shot. Well, then how about instead you get Maiden Viress' Bloody Pitch Pipes? Maybe you could volunteer to do a menial task for her, then she could give it to you as a reward?"

You "I can do that."

Felisa: "She is just here, in the Iron Sanctum."

Felisa: "Oh, that the Banshee Queen would pick me! Did you acquire the pitch pipes?"

You looted Bloody Pitch Pipes!

Felisa: "The pitch pipes! I am surprised that you convinced Maiden Viress to part with them."

You "I can be persuasive."

Felisa: "Well, a deal is a deal. Here is the Sprite's journal."

You lost 1x Bloody Pitch Pipes. You received Mercer's Journal! Gained 11.5k experience!

You "Now I think I'll try to rescue poor Mercer. I mean-"

Felisa: "Rescue? Why, yes! Then we wouldn't have to wait any longer for the ungrateful Sprite to die!"

You "Any tips?"

Felisa: "You should talk to Savina. For some reason, she's always felt sorry for the Sprite and just might be the person to help you."

Continued in: An Empathic Servant