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A Priest In Peril
Level 88
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

A Priest In Peril is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Nadia now has the remedy for Lysander's infection, but Lysander has vaished again. He's sick, and I need to find him before the bounty hunters do! Perhaps I can talk to some more of the local Swindles.




  • Ask some of the Swindles in the Zorian Marshlands if they have seen Lysander.
  • Ask some of the Swindles in the Zorian Marshlands if they have seen Lysander.
  • Ask some of the Swindles in the Zorian Marshlands if they have seen Lysander.
  • Find and speak with Tobin in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Collect some Radar Venom from Hekteus in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Collect some Sensory silk from Xencas in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Acquire a Pomegranate.
  • Return the Pomegranate, Radar Venom and Sensory Silk to Tobin in the Zorian Marshlands.


  • 67 silver
  • 1,13m XP
  • Uncommon Priest Armor (different depending on the played class)



Telida: "That treasure will be mine, I know it!"

You "Have you seen a human priest around?"

Telida: "No, I'm sorry I haven't."

You "Thanks for your time."

Telida: "No problem."

Roany: "I have some sort of rash. What could it be from?"

You "Have you seen a human priest? He goes by the name Lysander?"

Roany: "Doesn't ring any bells."

You "Thanks for your time."

Roany: "No problem."

Otes: "You're one of his spies, aren't you? Well, tell Tobin it's not going to work! I'm going to find the lost treasure of Covigne before he does, and that's all there is to it!"

You "I'm only looking for an injured priest. Have you seen him?"

Otes: "No. Now leave! Be on your way! Run on back to Tobin, and tell your two-faced master to stop spying on me! All right?"

You "Um. I don't have a master--"

Otes: "Be on your way! Go!"

Tobin: "Has Otes found anything yet? No, don't answer that. He's a lying weasel, and you shouldn't believe anything he says!"

You "Otes tells lies? Then maybe he has seen Lysander!"

Tobin: "The injured priest the four bounty hunters are after? Oh, he has. I saw Otes talking to him when I was spying on him. You've got to make Otes tell you the truth!"

You "But how am I to do that?"

Tobin: "Tell you what. My Treasure Detector is out of juice, and I need some more. Fetch me the materials needed to make it, and I'll let you in on a way to get Otes to tell you the truth. I need Radar Venom, Sensory Silk, and one ripe Pomegranate."

You "All right."

Tobin: "Good! See you soon!"

Tobin: "Did you get everything I need for my Treasure Detector?"

You "Yes. Here are your things."

Tobin: "With these I'll be able to find Covigne's treasure for sure! And thanks for the pomegranate. I was hungry!"

You lost 1x Radar Venom.

You lost 1x Sensory Silk.

Gained 1.13m experience!

You "So how do I get Otes to tell me the truth?"

Tobin: "He needs to be prodded with a Soul Searcher. It's a long metal rod imbued with magical properties. If you poke Otes good and hard with it, he'll spill what he knows. But I don't actually have one, so you'll need to talk to Vondie."

Continued in: The Soul Searcher.